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Trump NFT Up More Than 400 Percent Since First Minting 

Former President Donald Trump made headlines in late 2022 when he revealed a non-fungible token collection spurring criticism

 Former President Donald Trump made headlines in late 2022 when he revealed a non-fungible token collection. The NFTs were widely criticized, but also saw huge demand from fans and collectors.

Here’s how much an investment in the NFTs would be worth today.

Trump announced the launch of an NFT collection called Trump Digital Trading Cards in December. The NFTs came at a price point of $99 each and could be purchased with Ethereum or a credit card.

The collection sold out in less than a day and quickly became a top trending collection on NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Supporters of former U.S. President Donald Trump wave signs and flags as they wait for the motorcade carrying Trump to make its way back to his Mar-a-Lago Club following his arraignment in New York on April 4, 2023, in West Palm Beach, Florida. PAUL HENNESSY/BENZINGA

Many celebrities like President Joe Biden and late-night talk show hosts made fun of the NFT collection. The Trump Digital Trading Cards were also mocked on an episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

NFT sales spiked after he was indicted for 34 counts for hush money payments along with raising money for his re-election campaign.

The NFTs came with sweepstakes offering various rewards like a private dinner, cocktail hours, Zoom sessions, and golf with the 45th president. Anyone who bought 45 Donald Trump NFTs was also told they will get to take part in a future gala dinner with the former president.

Several major events around Trump’s life have impacted the price of the NFTs including the recent indictment and arrest of the former president. News of Trump’s indictment sent the price of the NFTs higher. 

Trump related stocks like Digital World Acquisition Corporation, which has a pending merger with Trump Media & Technology Group, surged in price alongside the indictment. 

Some experts believe the indictment could increase the odds that Trump wins the 2024 presidential election. 

Here’s a look at how much the NFTs are worth now.

With a price point of $99, a person could have purchased 10 Trump Digital Trading Cards at the time of mint.

The same $1,000 investment would be worth $6,643.70 today based on a current floor price of 0.35 ETH, or around $664.37.

While the NFTs have fallen from a peak of around 0.84 ETH, the investment is still up 564.4% since minting went live.

The NFTs were up 477.1% after two days and at their peak were up around 1,000%. The $1,000 investment would have been worth $9,900 at the peak price of the collection.

“You know, it’s sort of comic book art when you think of it, but they showed me the art and I said, gee, I always wanted to have a 30-inch waist,” the former president said.

Time will tell if the NFTs hold their value, but three months after being minted the collection has held above the mint price and has seen continued demand from fans, collectors and investors.

The surge in buying activity and the floor price trading near 0.6 ETH after Trump’s indictment was announced could serve as an indicator of how Trump developments could lead to increased interest.

With Trump running for president in the 2024 election, the NFTs could continue to be talked about during the campaign trail.

“I’m looking at this stuff and I’m saying ‘Wow, that’s sorta cute, that might sell, that might sell.’ They thought it would sell in six months, it sold in six hours,” Trump said.

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