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Thousands Of Fans Show Up At T-Mobile Arena For Final Davis V. Garcia Weigh-In

The two champion boxers will face each other at 11:30pm ET tonight, live from Las Vegas. 

LAS VEGAS — The stage is now set for tonight’s showdown as Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia both officially made the required weight at the 136-pound limit. This fight is being touted as one of the biggest boxing contests in the last 10 years with a massive domestic and global interest as both fighters had their final face off yesterday before thousands of cheering fans, eager to see the two fighters up close outside the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas.

Five-time, three-division world champion Davis, (28-0, 26 KO) touched the scales at 135.1 lbs., while Garcia(23-0, 19 KO) hit the mark at 135.5 lbs., as both fighters have now cleared the way for the most anticipated fights in years to take place tonight.

“I’m going to punish him. Knockout for sure,” said Davis. “Don’t blink your eyes, don’t get no popcorn and don’t get no drink, none of that.”

If the electric atmosphere, that was sheer pandemonium at times, outside of the T-Mobile arena with fans cheering and shouting in support of their favorite fighter is any indication as to what we can expect tonight,  then this fight will live up to all its predicted expectations.

Thousands of fans show up to the final Davis v. Garcia weigh in on Apr 21, 2023 in Las Vegas.  (Esther Lin/SHOWTIME)

“I’m just ready to fight,” said Garcia. “I don’t got much to say. My focus now is just on Gervonta Davis. I’m ready to destroy him, that’s it.”

For Davis and Garcia, the weigh-in was the last defining step on the road long promoted war to what promises to be an exciting and closely contested bout. Both fighters are known for their speed and power, and there is a real sense of anticipation among boxing fans about who will emerge victorious.

Davis, who is known as “Tank,” has a reputation for being a hard-hitting and aggressive fighter who is always looking for the knockout. He has been on a tear in recent years, winning his last five out of six fights by knockout and establishing himself as one of the most exciting young boxers in the sport.

Garcia, on the other hand, is known for his quick hands and slick footwork, as well as his devastating left hook. He has been steadily climbing the ranks in the sport, and many believe that he has what it takes to become a world champion tonight..


 Gervonta Davis

1. Utilize Footwork: Davis should use his superior footwork to move around the ring and create angles from which to attack. This will frustrate Garcia, deny him time to set up, and give Davis time to land his heavy-hitting punches.

2. Be Patient: Despite being a powerful puncher, Davis shouldn’t rely too heavily on his power. He should take his time, measure his shots, and wait for the right opportunity to throw his biggest punches.

3.  Keep the Pace High: Davis should not allow Garcia to settle into a rhythm. He should actively look to press Garcia with hard combinations and keep the pressure on him throughout the fight.

4. Stay out of Clinch Work: Davis is an excellent inside-fighter, but he should look to avoid getting tangled up with Garcia in the clinch. Garcia is an adept grappler, so Davis should avoid giving him the opportunity to use those skills.

Ryan Garcia

1. Make Use of Reach Advantage: Garcia has a five-inch reach advantage over  Davis and will need to use that to keep Davis at a distance, and land more shots.

2. Work the Body: Working the body will be key, and Garcia should use his reach advantage to land combinations to the body to slow down Davis.

3. Stay Out of Clinch: Davis is known for his brute strength and close quarters fighting style, so staying out of the clinch is key for Garcia to stay away from Davis’ power punches.

4. Control the Pace: Garcia needs to ensure he is controlling the pace of the fight, not allowing Davis to set the pace. This can be done by establishing shots from the outside or up close.

5. Be Aggressive: Garcia should use his strengths to be aggressive on the attack, targeting head and body shots, so Davis cannot launch a coordinated offense.

Davis and Garcia face off at the final weigh in on April 21, 2023 in Las Vegas. (Esther Lin/SHOWTIME)

The Davis vs Garcia fight is shaping up to be a true clash of styles, with Davis looking to impose his power and aggression on Garcia, while Garcia will be looking to use his speed and movement to outmaneuver Davis and land his own shots.

For both Davis and Garcia, this is the moment they have been training for, the moment when they will put their skills and determination to the test and see who comes out on top. And for the thousands of fans in attendance and millions around the world watching it on Showtime Pay Per View and DAZN network, it promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable night of boxing.

(Additional reporting provided by Virginia Van Zandt)

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