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A Love Coach Who Claims To Be ‘Most Swiped Right Man’ On Tinder Uses ‌‌‌‌ChatGPT‌‌‌ 

A self pro-claimed ‘most swiped man’ works with clients on Tinder using ‌‌‌ChatGPT‌‌‌ in order to complete their profile

A self-proclaimed “most swiped right man” on Tinder says he’s using ‌‌‌‌ChatGPT‌‌‌‌ and AI tech to help “genetically non-blessed people” find love.

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, 32, is a model and claims dating “has never been a hard task” – as meeting women “comes easily to him.”

A portrait of Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, who is regarded the most-swiped right man on Tinder. He helped clients on their Tinder profile using ChatGPT where it helped his clients gain results. STEFAN-PIERRE TOMLIN/SWNS TALKER

In 2017, it was revealed he was regarded to be the “most swiped man” on dating app Tinder.

Now he is using his dating prowess and AI to coach the unlucky in love and help them reach romantic success – like a real life Hitch.

Through his site, Celebrity Love Coach, single men can pay a subscription starting from £45 ($55) to £120 ($148) and he says he will help lead them to have more successful matches with suitors online.

The service includes photo editing to subtly tweak pictures and ‌‌‌ChatGPT‌‌‌ and AI to write attractive dating profiles and messages – claiming “it’s not cheating.”

Stefan, a model and pilot, from ‌‌‌‌‌‌Cuffley‌‌‌‌‌‌, Hertfordshire, England, said, “Think of it as Viagra for your social profile – apart from my results come in hard and fast.

“You use a dishwasher to make your home life easier – my clients use AI and our training to make their dating lives more for a fulfilling, long-lasting connection,” he said of his approaching to gaining results.

Tinder has been one of the most popular apps among young people between the ages 18 to 44. It is branded as “swipe right” that helps to catch the eye of a Tinder user. Users view the photos for the possibility of interest.

“The best thing anybody can do to improve their profiles and success on Tinder is to improve their photos, online dating is 99% about photos,” said Janelle ‌Oleary‌, a dating coach and founder of the website

‌‌‌O’Leary‌‌‌ pointed out that 80% of men don’t have the right photos for their profiles as a professional photographer is the most helpful. Women will use excessive filters as it is recommended to keep it to a minimum.

Stefan compares photo editing and using AI technology to Instagram filters and filler.

“We change people’s pictures and bespoke their bios. Most people say it’s catfishing – it’s not. It’s like if a girl puts a photo on Instagram using a filter or if she gets Botox or filler,” Stefan said of his approach to the dating app.

Stefan doesn’t just coach online and offers men the full ‘Hitch’ experience – where he meets clients and teaches them the art of dating.

He recommends singletons always video call before a first date, send a fun first message and only use photos of themselves on their profiles.

“You should include photos of your hobbies – not just photos of you drinking and clubbing – that doesn’t attract the right demographic,” he said of making the Tinder profile attractive.

Some dating coach experts have voiced their concern about the use of ChatGPT. One coach expressed his concerns about the use of relying on the technology.

“I’ve been testing ‌‌‌‌ChatGPT‌‌‌‌ on how well it writes dating profiles, and I’ve honestly been very disappointed. The results are very generic,” said Eric ‌Resnick‌, a dating coaching from ProfileHelper. “When you try to make yourself attractive to everyone, you rob yourself of the chance of meeting someone you might actually connect with.”

Stefan also warns of men simply looking for one-night stands and urges them “to treat others how they want to be treated.”

“You shouldn’t meet someone just to sleep with them straight away, you should try and find out more about them to see if you’re compatible,” Stefan said.

He also explains how to use Tinder plus to move your pin and choose a location that will suit what you are looking for.

According to him, out of the 45 men he has helped in the last two months, 32 have successfully dated.

“I am giving ‌‌‌‌‌un-genetically‌‌‌‌‌ blessed people a hidden advantage in the dating game. My AI prompts and training can turn any guy from zero to hero,” he further said on his use of AI.

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