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The Couple Makes Award-Winning Gin And Vodka From Their Backyard

Terri Hudson and Richard started Mainline Spirits during the lockdown, and they have already garnered 15 accolades.

A couple makes award-winning gin and vodka from a distillery started in their shed.

Terri Hudson, 34, and her husband Richard, 38, founded Mainline Spirits in their back garden during lockdown.

They began experimenting with alcohol flavorings over 12 years ago and began with their first copper still in their garden shed.

The couple has since converted an old poultry shed – also on their land in Taunton, Somerset, England.

They have already scooped 15 awards since launching the business officially in June last year.

Richard said: “It started as a hobby about 12 years ago, we would just experiment with different flavors and alcohols, and we had a real passion for it.

Copper still in the shed. About 12 years ago, the pair started experimenting with alcohol flavorings in their garden shed using a simple copper still. RICHARD HUDSON/SWNS

“We’ve both worked in the merchant navy so knew a bit about different cultures and flavors and have always enjoyed experimenting.

“Then during the first COVID lockdown, we bought an old farm to move to, and we also decided to start experimenting with distilling alcohol in the shed with a small copper still.

“Once we knew it was going to work, and we wanted to take it in a commercial route, we applied for all the right licenses and planning to get us set up properly.

“We had a derelict poultry shed at the bottom of the land, so we applied for planning for that to be converted into a distillery.

”We’ve still got the chickens next door to it, but the warehouse now has all our copper stills, and we operate out of that.”

Once the couple had the warehouse and licenses in order, they officially launched Mainline Spirits last June.

The name was even inspired by the plot of land they operate from, as the couple found links to the railway industry soon after moving in.

Richard added: “The farm hadn’t been touched since the 1970s, but we found documentation about the farm that said it was built in 1717, and also found lots of records that connected Brunel and the railways to here.

“We want to use as much as what we’ve got here already in our business.

”Back in the day it was a big farm with orchards, so we’re trying to replant them and pick ingredients from the land.”

Since officially launching less than a year ago, the couple has won 15 awards, including a gold medal in the Taste of the West after just 16 days.

They have also been recognized with accolades at The Gin Masters and Gin of the Year awards.

Richard added: “Considering we only launched the brand last year, we have hit the ground running.

“To win so many awards in such a short space of time is humbling.

“When we are sat next to high-end brands that are normally on shop shelves or TV with the same medal, you have to pinch yourself.”

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