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Texas To North Carolina Facing Flood Threat Due To Frequent Downpours

This week, the storm-weary region of the southern United States is predicted to experience flooding and strong thunderstorms.

Flooding and severe thunderstorms, two common springtime weather risks, are expected in the storm-weary area of the southern United States this week. AccuWeather meteorologists say that some locations could receive as much as half a foot of rain.

“A stalled front, as well as some pieces of atmospheric energy moving along the front, will be the trigger for the persistent downpours,” said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Tyler Roys.

Ample moisture from the Gulf of Mexico is expected to stream northward toward the front, helping to bring multiple rounds of rainfall from late Wednesday into the weekend and raise the risk of flooding in as many as 10 states from Texas to North Carolina.

Locations that are particularly at risk of flooding are those that have been recently inundated with heavy rain. Since mid-March, Atlanta has reported 3.74 inches of rain, 133% of its historical average during that time frame. In the same time period, Jackson, Mississippi, reported 4.21 inches of rain, 111% of the historical average.

Much of Arkansas has also been hit hard by storms in recent weeks as well, which has led to some stream and river flooding, according to Roys.

Prior to this next round of rain, Roys noted that locations along both the Black River and White River in eastern Arkansas were already experiencing minor to moderate flooding. Much of Arkansas is likely to escape the heaviest rainfall this time.

From late Wednesday through early Saturday, 2-4 inches of rain is anticipated from southern Texas to southern Tennessee and western South Carolina. ACCUWEATHER

A wide swath of 2-4 inches of rain is expected from southern Texas to southern Tennessee and western South Carolina from late Wednesday through Saturday.

A more localized amount of 4-8 inches of rain is possible in southeastern Texas and northern Louisiana as the areas get pummeled by training thunderstorms into Friday evening. With more than half a foot of rain possible, Texans who live in cities such as Houston and College Station should be cautious of water that ponds on roadways and low-lying spots. Smaller creeks and streams may also overflow their banks.

Even with smaller rainfall amounts expected farther east, the impacts could be just as great given the recent rounds of destructive storms across the southeastern U.S.

“Cleanup efforts from the recent rounds of severe weather, in places like Memphis, Tennessee, and the northern suburbs of Atlanta like Marietta, Kennesaw and Alpharetta, could all be slowed with the wet weather,” Roys explained.

AccuWeather forecasters say that some rumbles of thunder could also accompany the rain as it sweeps through the region. In fact, severe thunderstorms are expected late Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night across parts of the Mississippi River Valley, west to southeastern Texas and then again in the mid-Atlantic and along the southeast Atlantic coast Thursday.

Thunderstorms in these areas will be capable of producing no only more robust downpours, but also damaging wind gusts, hail and even a few tornadoes. Residents should be prepared with a reliable method to receive alerts regarding the latest severe weather watches and warnings in their area.

In addition to heavier downpours, thunderstorms in these regions have the potential to produce damaging wind gusts, hail, and occasionally tornadoes. ACCUWEATHER

The rain and thunderstorms could also impact those in attendance at one of the biggest golf events of the year: the 87th Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Thunderstorms could start as early as Thursday afternoon for the first round of play at Augusta National Golf Club, but storms are expected to be especially heavy Friday and Saturday.

The drenching rain, as well as any nearby lightning, could cause tournament officials to issue a delay.

AccuWeather meteorologists predict a drier day in Augusta Sunday to close out the weekend, as well a generally drier pattern in the southeastern U.S. early next week.

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