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Jesus Ramos Says Joey Spencer’s Conditioning Issues Will Be His Downfall During PPV Clash 

Ramos expects a great night for the Ramos family when he competes on the same bill as his Uncle Abel on March 25th. 

PHOENIX — Two young undefeated prospects are putting their unbeaten records on the line as the co-main event to the highly anticipated super middleweight grudge match between David Benavidez and Caleb Plant on Showtime PPV on March 25th. Ramos is 19-0 with 15 knockouts, while Spencer is 16-0 with 10 knockouts. But Ramos sees beyond Spencer’s undefeated record and instead focuses on what he feels is Spencer’s biggest weakness, his conditioning. Couple that with the fact Ramos feels Spencer’s record is fool’s gold because of lack of quality opposition. That being said, boxing fans will reap the benefits of the two young prospects agreeing to fight one another on what will be the biggest stage of their budding careers. Jesus joins his Uncle Abel making this card a family affair as Abel will lead off the PPV against undefeated Cody Crowley. 


Jesus Ramos shares his thoughts on battling a fellow undefeated prospect while sharing the stage with his uncle with Zenger News. 





Zenger: It’s rare we get two undefeated young fighters risking their unbeaten status at this stage to face one another. Was this a no-brainer fight for you to accept the fight against Joey Spencer?

Jesus Ramos  Ramos lets his hands go against Javier Molina.  in Carson, California  on Mar 12, 2023. Jesus Ramos looks to propel himself within the 154-pound division with a win over Joey Spencer on March 25th PPV   Sean Michael Ham /Premier Boxing Champions 

Ramos: After his last fight he said he wanted to fight me. On our side we said, let’s do it, we’ll take it. This was back in September. I was supposed to fight one more time before it, but they wanted it on this particular card with [David] Benavidez. The fights kept falling through, so we decided to make the Spencer fight happen now. Like you said, two young undefeated fighters facing each other is rare nowadays. These are the kinds of fights that excite us. 


Zenger: Combined record of 35-0, 21 years old versus 22 years old, on paper this has the makings of a great fight. What type of fight are you expecting from Spencer? 


Ramos: I think Spencer is going to try and make it a chess match. My plan is to break him down each round and I think once that starts happening, he won’t be able to compete. He won’t be able to make the fight such a chess match as I break him down round by round. I just feel like he has conditioning problems and I think it will show up during the fight. 


Zenger: How has training been going for this fight? 


Ramos: It’s been good, man. We got good training out here. We brought in a strength and conditioning coach, Jamie Belt. He has been working with us. We brought in some different sparring, Troy Isley for me and a couple of guys for my uncle Abel. One of them is Ivan Redkach. Training camp is full of hungry fighters right now and we feed off of that. That’s the perfect scenario for a training camp and that’s the way it’s been. It’s been great! 


Zenger: Giving the fact that your uncle Abel is fighting before you, how do control your emotions of not getting too high if he’s successful or too low if he comes up short? 


Ramos: That’s tough, man. I always get more nervous for his fights, so it is tough to go second this time around. We both have our gameplans and we have to follow through all the way up to the fight. He’s going to be successful that night and that’s going to leave me with the task to come out and be successful and be the second win for my family that night. I think it is going to be great. We are both going to feed off of each other, and it’s going to be a great night for us and for boxing. 

Jesus Ramos  Ramos flares out a jab against Javier Molina in their May 2021 fight.  in Carson, Califonia  on Mar 12, 2023, ) Jesus Ramos faces Joey Spencer during the co-main event of Benavidez-Plant PPV. Sean Michael Ham /Premier Boxing Champions 

Zenger: Do you feel a win over a fighter that is 16-0 like Spencer the next step into contingency within the 154-pound division? 


Ramos: I feel like it can. I know he hasn’t faced a lot of known opponents, but the fact that we’re both taking this risk says a lot. It says a lot about who we are and what we’re trying to do in boxing and the fights that we are willing to take. This fight will help mold us into the fighter that we’re going to be. As a champion you have to accept harder fights and bring excitement to the fans. 


Zenger: You mentioned his conditioning being an issue. What do you have to execute to turn that flaw into a loss for him? 


Ramos: I feel like overall I’m getting stronger at 154. I feel very strong and that’s going to play a factor too. His conditioning isn’t the best, but I feel like overall, he’s not going to be able to stand what I’m bringing.


Zenger: What have you learned most about yourself throughout your first 19 fights as a pro and leading up to your 20th fight? 


Ramos: I can adjust. Sometimes it comes naturally. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I made an adjustment until after I watch the fight. When I’m in there, I’m adjusting to different things naturally and that’s something that I’ve learned to embrace. Going with the plan is good, but making adjustments is necessary as well. I continue to improve on that during each sparring session, I adjust to certain things when I’m in there. It’s paid dividends. 


Zenger: I’m looking forward to your fight and this card. Good luck to you and Abel, and we will speak afterwards. Is there anything else you’d like to add? 


Ramos: Thank you, man. I appreciate your time. To all the fans, tune in, this is going to be a great card from top to bottom. A lot of talent all in one night. This is a loaded card and it’s going to be a great night of boxing. 

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