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Snow And Severe Weather Puts Central US On Alert For Far-reaching Storm

Another storm with potential flooding and snow is predicted to hit the country due to an active weather pattern.

March continues to come in like a lion. An active weather pattern is expected to bring yet another storm to the country’s midsection, including the risk for severe weather, flooding and more snow.

The Plains have been the target of blockbuster weather in recent weeks. Back-to-back severe weather outbreaks blossomed in the southern Plains, producing deadly tornadoes and life-threatening winds. Meanwhile in late February, an ice storm unfolded across parts of Iowa and Wisconsin and more than a foot of snow fell in parts of Minnesota. Early this week, yet another round of snow is expected in these areas.

Now, AccuWeather forecasters are watching for a potent, late-week storm that could bring both wintry and severe hazards to the center of the country.

“There is the potential for some states in the northern Plains to be hit with two snow storms within a week,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Joseph Bauer.

According to Bauer, this is looking like a long-duration snow event, with wintry weather likely to start late Wednesday in the Rockies, and expanding into the Upper Midwest through Friday. Cities from Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Denver to Madison, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis should be on alert for accumulating snow.

Communities from Denver and Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Madison and Minneapolis, Wisconsin, should be on the lookout for accumulating snow. ACCUWEATHER

With several days of snow in the offing, it’s not out of the question that some communities could see more than half a foot of snow. The exact locations likely to see the most snow will be dependent on the track the storm takes across the Plains and if it’s able to strengthen as it slowly progresses eastward.

Bauer also warned for the potential for gusty winds during the storm. This combination of weather could bring reduced visibility and difficulties for motorists.

While warmer conditions on the southern side of the storm are likely to keep states from Texas to Tennessee from experiencing snow. However, the storm could still bring this storm impactful weather.

“Repeated rounds of rain from mid- to late week could bring several inches of rain, especially from the Texas-Oklahoma border to Tennessee and Kentucky,” said Bauer.

Given the recent rainfall, these areas will be more prone to flooding problems, especially in low-lying areas. Several tributaries of the Mississippi River have already reported some modest flooding. ACCUWEATHER

In the past week, this area has been the target of a lot of rain. Following a very wet February, Little Rock, Arkansas, reported around 3 inches in just five days. For Paducah, Kentucky, 4.5 inches of rainfall was recorded in just two days, almost the average rainfall amount for the entire month of March.

These locations, given recent rains, will be more susceptible to flooding issues, especially in low-lying areas. Many Mississippi River tributaries are already reporting minor flooding.

Farther south, an influx of warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico will bring the potential for thunderstorms for several days. Any thunderstorm could have the potential to turn severe, bringing the risk of heavier downpours as well as localized gusty winds.

AccuWeather meteorologists continue to monitor the potential for this storm to also impact the East coast, either with wintry or severe weather. Ultimately, these impacts will be dependent on the storm’s track and strength going into the weekend.

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