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The Most Powerful Car From The Nineteen Seventies Goes On Auction

It is impossible to value as The Beast, once the world’s most powerful car that was custom-built, up for auction in March.

A unique car dubbed The Beast – once the world’s fastest – is to be auctioned.

The 19ft-long motor is powered by an ex-aircraft 27-liter Merlin engine, the same as used in Spitfires.

A unique car dubbed The Beast – once the world’s fastest – is to be auctioned. The car is power by a 19 feet motor by a 27-liter Merlin engine. CAR & CLASSIC/SWNS TALKER

It was created in 1972 by car enthusiast John Dodd, who passed away in December at 90-years-old.

Thought to have remained in the family, this is the first time the car has come up for sale in its fifty-year history.

Auctioneers Car & Classic says “it is impossible to value,” but could achieve in excess of £100,000 ($119,776) in the auction.

The company said: “Worried about fuel prices? The Beast might not be for you. This is 27 liters of Spitfire engine in an eccentric piece of 70s British motoring history, and it could be yours.

A unique car dubbed The Beast – once the world’s fastest – is to be auctioned. This car topped at 183 MPH that was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1977. CAR & CLASSIC/SWNS TALKER

“This is more than a car. It is a wheeled, ludicrous, unapologetic celebration of the life and brilliant eccentricity of not only John Dodd himself, but also of the British spirit of ingenuity and adventure.

“This car boasts nothing sensible. It’s not sedate or relaxed. It’s loud, it’s delightfully silly, and it makes no apologies for any of it.”

The Beast’s rolling chassis started life in 1966, built by Paul Jameson as a road-going car.

However, John Dodd, who built the car’s gearbox, eventually acquired and sent it to Santa Pod Raceway owners Fibre Glass Repairs to receive its extended body.

Once recorded at 183 MPH, The Beast featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most powerful car in 1977.

There are 10,685 miles on the clock, and fuel economy won’t break any records at a reported two MPG.

A custom interior includes a bank of red switches which are used to initiate the starting sequence for the Merlin engine.

Car & Classic CEO Tom Wood said: “Car & Classic was the logical choice for the first sale of The Beast in its 50-year history.

“This is a genuine once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope the lucky new buyer continues to use and enjoy the car the way John did.”

Dodd was sued by Roll-Royce for trademark infringement where he lost the case. After losing the case and refusing to the pay the fine, Dodd fled to Spain to avoid extradition, according to Motor1.

The Beast’s auction starts March 9 and runs for a week.

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