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Over 7 Out Of 10 American Believe Apps Will Replace Websites As New Use Of The Internet

More than one in four people think they can live without using computer browser where 7 in 10 believe apps will replace websites.

The average person believes websites will become obsolete in the next decade.

A recent survey of 2,000 U.S. adults discovered seven in 10 (70%) believe apps are gradually replacing websites a poll conducted by Cricket Wireless.

A man holding an iPhone on his hand in front of a laptop. Over 25% of people think they can live without a computer browser where 70% of people think app will replace websites. PHOTOMIX COMPANY/SWNS TALKER

With people relying on their phones for absolutely everything, it’s no surprise more than one in four (26%) think they can go a year without using a standard computer browser.

While 69% use their smartphone daily, only 44% report using their desktop or laptop with the same frequency.

Forty-six percent have even done a full day’s work entirely from their smartphone, and 42% have used it to file a tax return.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Cricket Wireless for their Tax Time initiative, the survey also found that if forced to choose between a smartphone and a computer, 59% would opt for their phone.

A poll conducted by Cricket Wireless did a survey from 2,000 people in the future of both phones and the internet. Some have state they can go without a laptop for a year while another survey said they can go without a phone for a week. ONE POLL/SWNS TALKER

Thirty-six percent think they could only go less than a day without their smartphone. iOS’s users proved to be rather resilient, with 34% claiming they can survive without a phone for a week compared to 21% of Android users.

While entertainment (67%) and communication (66%) apps rank among the most common, more respondents have a finance app on their smartphone (59%) than those who have news/magazine apps (28%).

“From work to play, our research shows people are embracing the convenience of apps in all areas of life,” said Tony Mokry, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for Cricket Wireless. “Apps can also be a great way to try out alternative services before committing.”

More than half of respondents (52%) rely on software or apps to file their taxes, compared to 36% who do them by hand.

Interestingly, only two in five (40%) anticipate getting a tax refund in 2023, with the average person expecting about $2,338.

Those expecting a refund plan to put it toward a mobile wallet (25%), deposit it in a traditional checking or savings account (25%) and add it to an investing app (23%).

“There are many ways to get the most out of your refund, such as by upgrading your phone and wireless provider simultaneously,” Mokry added.


  • Shopping for groceries – 51%
  • Taking photos/videos for special events – 51%
  • Shopping for clothes/accessories – 47%
  • Completing a full day’s work – 46%
  • Completing a tax return – 42%
  • Completing a homework assignment – 39%
  • Reading books/magazines – 38%
  • Dictation/transcription – 22%


Produced in association with SWNS Research.

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