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Police Recreate Scenes From ‘Hot Fuzz’ By Arresting A Swan

After causing mayhem while waddling across a busy road, a bird was captured

Police recreated scenes from “Hot Fuzz” by “arresting” a swan before taking it away in the back of a cop car.

The hilarious image shows the stricken bird being taken prisoner after it caused chaos while waddling around a busy road.

A swan that was causing chaos at Plymouth harbor had to be rescued and put in the back of a police car. PHOTO PROVIDED BY PLYMOUTH POLICE/SWNS

Police say it was pulled from a nearby harbor in Plymouth, Devon, England, by a drunken male before being involved in a collision on Mutley Plain.

After its ride in the back of the liveried vehicle to vets, the swan was checked over and is now being nursed back to full health.

The picture was published on the Twitter account of Plymouth Police’s D Section, while an officer referenced the classic comedy film starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and described it as “Hot Fuzz in reality.”

Alongside it, a police spokesperson wrote: “Not your usual prisoner. “Report of a swan being removed from the harbor by a drunk male before it being involved in a collision on Mutley Plain.

“Taken to the vets where they are nursing it back to health.”

The drama was sparked when officers from Devon and Cornwall Police were called to the scene of the collision at 6:20 p.m. on Febr. 1.

The swan was wrapped up to stop it from hurting itself before being put in the back of the car. After the details were posted online, Sandford Police, a parody account for the fictional force from Hot Fuzz, congratulated the team involved.

It said: “Well done team. You may well have prevented anyone coming to serious harm by detaining that rogue swan.”

Plymouth Police responded to say its safe capture took “great skill and determination.” The officer also referenced the famous joke from the film and added: “It’s just the one swan then.”

In an official statement, Devon and Cornwall Police said: “Police were called at 6.20 p.m. yesterday to Mutley Plain following reports that a swan had been removed from the harbor by a man, who had left the area prior to police arrival.

“It was reported that the swan had possibly been hit by a vehicle. Members of the public had wrapped a blanket around it and called the vets. It was taken to the vets by officers and left in their care.”

IN FILE – Police officers, including one carrying a shield, escort a swan back to the water, after it had made its way onto a busy road, near the Landwehr canal in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district on February 21, 2022. PHOTO BY DAVID GANNON/GETTY IMAGES

The post generated hundreds of comments referencing the likeness of the Edgar Wright-directed classic.


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