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Couple Books $100K Private Jet To Fly Their Dogs Across The World

To finance their voyage, the couple sold all of their possessions, including their car, and saved $45k in two years.

Meet the couple who chartered a $100k private jet to fly their three dogs across the world.

Melanie Demi, 26, and her husband Albert, 27, and an account executive had aspirations of taking their three dogs, Great Dane Lucas, 2, Golden Retriever Cooper, 15, and Dachshund mix Brooklyn, 6, on a trip through Europe.

The couple saved $45k over two years to turn their dream into a reality – selling all of their belongings including their car to fund their adventure.

After forking out for their private jet – alongside fellow pet lovers who all chipped in – from Austin, Texas, to Paris, France, in September.

The pair and their .

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