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Israeli Prime Minister Threatens Iran With Attack If It Develops Nuclear Weapons

Outgoing P.M. Yair Lapid reiterated on Israel's "wall-to-wall" commitment to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons
Israeli President Isaac Herzog (seated 2nd L) sits in front of Israel’s veteran ex-premier Benjamin Netanyahu (C) and next to outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid (seated 3rd L) as he poses with the heads of all parties of the 25th Knesset at the Marc Chagall hall at the Israeli parliament after Israel swore in a new parliament in Jerusalem, on November 15, 2022. Lapid and Netanyahu discussed the wall-to-wall tactics to prevent Iran having nuclear weapons. MENAHEM KAHANA/JNS

Israel would attack Iran to prevent its MIddle East rival from developing nuclear weapons. Outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid reiterated on Wednesday Israel’s “wall-to-wall” commitment to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, which would include the use of military force.

“Two weeks ago, we held a large-scale joint exercise with the U.S. Air Force. The exercise, which simulated an attack thousands of kilometers beyond Israel’s borders, was the first in a series of planned exercises in the near future,” Lapid said at an Israel Air Force pilots’ course graduation ceremony at the Hatzerim Air Base near Beersheva. 

“Our enemies need to know that we will not sit idly by in the face of threats that we deem to be existential. I discussed this with incoming Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu and this is one of the few topics on which there is wall-to-wall consensus among the Israeli public. No Israeli government will allow a nuclear Iran. If it is necessary to act, we will act,” Lapid added. 


At the same ceremony, outgoing Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that the IDF had enhanced its ability to strike the Islamic Republic’s nuclear facilities. 

“Israel has significantly increased its preparedness in recent years and is readying for the possibility of an attack on Iran,” he said. 

The designated head of Israel’s National Security Council, Tzahi Hanegbi, stated in an op-ed published on Wednesday that Netanyahu returned to politics because of the threat posed by Iran

There are no divisions in Israel over the urgent need to encourage the Free World and its leader, the United States, “our greatest ally,” to use all available means to thwart Iran’s nuclear program for as long as this is possible, wrote Hanegbi. If the rest of the world does not cooperate, Israel reserves the right to protect itself, by itself, he added.

Israeli Minister of Defense and National Unity Party leader Benny Gantz before a party meeting in the Israeli on November 28, 2022, in Jerusalem, Israel. Gantz believe Israel may see a conflict with Iran in two to three years with the preparation of an attack. AMIR LEVY/JNS


According to i24 News, Gantz on Wednesday told Israeli Air Force pilots that they may participate in a potential attack in Iran “in two or three years.”

“Israel has significantly increased its preparedness in recent years and is preparing for the possibility of an attack on Iran,” Gantz said at a graduation course in southern Israel. 

“Others of you may have to fly deep into the territory in Lebanon and Syria, or head out on missions to rescue Jews from around the world. I believe in your ability to succeed in these missions, not only because of the excellent aircraft you will fly in, but because of your morals and professionalism that connects you to them,” the defense official said.

Shortly before Gantz made his remarks, Israel’s outgoing prime minister Yair Lapid issued a warning to the Islamic Republic, pointing to a joint exercise with the U.S. Air Force earlier this month that simulated attacks against Iran and its proxies in the Middle East.

“Our enemies need to know that we will not stand idly by in the face of threats that we consider to be existential,” Lapid said.

“I have discussed this with new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and it is one of the few issues on which there is a consensus among Israeli public opinion. No Israeli government will accept Iran becoming a nuclear power. If it is necessary to act, we will act.”

The outgoing Israeli Prime Minister is the son of  Yosef “Tommy” Lapid a famous Israeli journalist and liberal politician.  Yair Lapid chronicled his relationship with his famous father in a memoir.

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