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Infidelity Coach Teaches Women How To Recover From Betrayal

Annabelle Taylor started her business after her husband admitted he was having an affair

A professional infidelity coach has shared how women can get past the trauma of being cheated on – even if they decide to remain with their partner.

Annabelle Taylor, 33, offers tailored advice and online sessions, depending on what support her clients need, and runs a free online community forum where women can share their experiences.

She started her business after her husband admitted he was having an affair in 2019 following a series of other betrayals.

Annabelle chose to remain with her husband and began coaching others once she felt more comfortable in healing herself.

Lipstick on the collar is the stereotype telltale sign of cheating. Infidelity coach Annabelle Taylor started her business after her husband had an affair. PIXABAY

“When I went through being cheated on with my husband three years ago, it changed my entire life,” said Annabelle from Portland, Oregon, US.

“I just want to speak more and more about my experience now that I’m more comfortable in my healing and my life.

“I wanted to be able to reach people and help people and felt like I didn’t have an outlet to do it, so I started my TikTok in April.”

Annabelle frequently shares advice through social media channels, with some of her videos getting more than 40,000 views. 

“Then I wanted to be able to help people on a more individual basis, so I got a coaching certification in August and now take on clients from all over the world,” she said.

A couple speaking openly with each other. Infidelity coach Annabelle Taylor says this is one of the best ways to overcome betrayal. PIXABAY

If her clients choose to remain in their partnership, Annabelle urges them to follow some steps to ensure they heal appropriately.

They include listening to their body, taking space if they need it, speaking about the infidelity openly with their partner daily, and allowing them space to look into why they might have been betrayed. 

“There’s a lot of shame attached to people who stay with their partner after being cheated on. They’ll have to unpack their own confusion on top of what society is pressuring on them,” she said.

“I hold space for people who are navigating the aftermath of a huge life event, whether they’ve left, are undecided, or have chosen to stay with their partner.”

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