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Schoolgirl Posted A Viral Parody Of How British Women Do Their Make-up 

The tongue in cheek clip has been viewed a staggering nine million times on Instagram - and counting. 

A schoolgirl has taken social media by storm after posting a parody of how British women do their make-up – which has been viewed 9 million times. 

Honey Clift, 13, first started posting online three years ago – sharing clips on a variety of topics. But a recent video making fun of ‘British make-up’ – with overlined lips, big eyelashes, and orange foundation – has seen the teen go viral. The tongue in cheek clip has been viewed a staggering nine million times on Instagram – and counting. 

Honey said: “I started using make-up when I was nine or 10. I enjoyed making slime videos and then DIY videos. 

“Three years ago, I did Halloween make-up and I received half a million views. After that, I started teaching myself, and I try to film at least once a week. I love how creative you can be. Art is my favorite subject at school. 

“I decided to do the British make-up trend because it was popular last year, but I’ve only just turned 13 and been able to get TikTok. 

“I gave myself a big bun, big hoops, big eyelashes, used a lot of contour and overlined my lips. There are some girls at my school who look like that.” Honey added that everyone at school has been very supportive of her uploads. 

Mum Sarah Clift, 48, who runs an events planning business, added: “The thing that takes people by surprise is her age because she’s so young. It’s amazing to watch how much she loves it; it blows my mind! She spends hours watching videos and learning. 

“When she was little, she always loved drawing, coloring, and crafts. If it were up to her, she’d spend all day every day doing make-up, but of course she has to go to school and do her homework.” 

Honey has followed in her older brother Jake’s footsteps, who is also a make-up content creator and has his own collection with a major beauty brand. This year she had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, USA, to go on a brand trip alongside her brother. 

Sarah added: “Having a son that has done it too helps, and we make sure she’s safe on there. I check all of the comments and messages before I show them to Honey. I manage everything.” Honey said: “I’d love to carry on doing make-up in the future, I absolutely love it.” 

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