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Talented Artist Makes Mesmerizing Disappearing Paintings

The artist says he stumbled across the mesmerizing trick when he was practicing color mixing by matching his paint with objects.

A talented artist produces mesmerizing “disappearing paintings” – that are so life-like they blend seamlessly into the tranquil background.

Impressive clips show Fang MianMian creating the illusion in parks, fields, and near water in Jilin Province, China, using just a camera tripod and a tiny brush.

The 26-year-old paints bare and blossoming trees in scenic landscape settings of clear skies and lakes, so they mirror exactly what’s behind his bright orange or pink canvas.

His work is so impressive that it’s almost impossible to tell what is Fang’s painting and what is the real background – until someone walks behind his work to reveal the illusion.

Other clips show him making his canvas disappear among fruits such as melons and limes, and even household items like tissues and bricks.

The keen artist says he stumbled across the mesmerizing trick when he was practicing color mixing by matching his paint with objects.

Fang’s videos grew popular on China’s version of TikTok, Douyin, but two weeks ago he created a TikTok and Instagram account to share his talent.

He’s since racked up more than 800 followers, with users hailing his work as incredible and beautiful, while others claim to have been inspired to take up painting themselves.

“At first, I was practicing color mixing and trying to make a color that was exactly the same as the target. This created the effect of disappearing on the art board,” said Fang, from Jilin Province, China.

“I made it gradually harder, and now I can paint outdoor scenery. People seem to find [the illusion] curious and interesting.

“My favorite work is always the most recent one. For example, if you ask me about my favorite, I must think it is the painting that was just released tonight.

“I like every piece very much, because the location of each piece of work has different memories and different stories.

“I started to film it to record the process of my own progress. When I found that I got more and more friends, I made more painting content.”

Fang started making disappearing paintings a year ago and has been working as a professional artist since 2012.

His videos, which are sped up to fit in clips of under one minute, have more than 1,000 likes on TikTok. One user commented: “It’s beautiful. It’s soul-wrenching. Makes me want to try painting again.” Another said: “This art is incredible. This must have taken years of practice to master.” A third said: “Beautiful work! You’re so talented.”

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