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A Hotel For Electric Vehicle Owners Is A New Concept From This Automaker

Electric vehicle adoption has increased steadily in the US and other parts of the world as a transition to clean energy continues

One automotive company is launching an off-grid experience that includes a hotel for electric vehicle owners powered by electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle adoption has increased steadily in the United States and other parts of the world as a transition to clean energy continues. 

What Happened: Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk has plans to offer a restaurant and movie theater experience at a California Tesla Supercharger location. This would allow people the opportunity to enjoy dinner or a movie while charging their car. 

One auto rival could be taking things a step further.

Hotel Hyundai is launching from Hyundai Motor Company GDR (OTC: HYMTF) in the Essex countryside, around an hour from London, England.

The concept from Hyundai includes a luxury cabin, restaurant and private cinema. Stays at the “off-grid experience like no other” will be awarded to the public as a giveaway.

Hyundai calls the concept the first car-powered hotel.

The luxury cabin will have lights and charging points along with a shower, all powered from energy using the Hyundai IONIQ 5 and vehicle-to-load technology.

Guests will enjoy indoor and outdoor dining options with cooking over fire and a coffee lounge powered by the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

A car-powered projector showing a movie along with a popcorn machine powered by the car caps off the evening for those who stay at Hotel Hyundai.

“We’re looking for unique, memorable stays more now than ever and this is a delicious blend of innovation, luxury and comfort that gets you thinking,” Hotel Hyundai Curator Grace Dent said.

Hotel Hyundai is a limited time offering serving as a three-week pop-up hotel for limited bookings. The hotel will be open for a total of 14 nights Wednesday through Sunday from the dates of Oct. 19 through Nov. 5, 2022. 

The company said the offering could be available once again in 2023.

Why It’s Important: Hyundai decided to launch the concept after research showed that over half of people surveyed said they have reconsidered their future holiday plans due to increased cost of living.

The survey also indicated an increased number of travelers looking for staycations in 2023 compared to 2022.

Supporting sustainability efforts was also cited as a reason for reconsidering vacations among 25% of responders, something the new hotel offering could accomplish.

“Our award winning IONIQ 5 is able to power Hotel Hyundai using its V2L feature, where an adapter from the car provides a socket which domestic appliances can be plugged into,” Hyundai Motor U.K. Managing Director Ashley Andrew said.

Andrew said Hyundai hopes the Hotel Hyundai concept inspire more people to go off-grid for vacations and trips.

The new concept from Hyundai could help increase awareness in its electric vehicles and also highlight the use cases for its V2L charging capabilities.


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