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Czech Vampire Multiple Launch Rocket Systems Fire Salvos At Russian Forces

The images were obtained from Andriy Yermak, on Saturday, July 16.

This impressive footage shows Czech “vampire” multiple launch rocket systems firing salvos of ordnance and Russian forces.

The images were obtained from Andriy Yermak, 50, the Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, on Saturday, July 16, along with a short statement saying that the footage showed “RM-70 Vampires MLRS”.

The images were also relayed by a Ukrainian MP and former governor of the Lviv region, Oleh Synyutka, 52, who confirmed that they show a “Ukrainian field and Czech RS30 RM-70 Vampire” MLRS units.

Anton Herashchenko, 43, an official advisor and a former deputy minister at the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, said: “Czech beauties-vampires are a joy to the eyes! Such Vampires are not afraid of daylight. And in general, no one is afraid!

“And they react to the Russian occupiers with lightning speed and on the spot.”

The RM-70 multiple rocket launcher system is a heavier version of the Soviet-era BM-21 Grad. The RM-70 was first introduced into the Czechoslovak army in 1971. The Czech Republic has donated an unspecified number of war machines to Ukraine since the Russian invasion began.

We contacted the Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine for further comment, as well as the Russian Ministry of Defense, but haven’t received a reply at the time of writing.

Combat work of the Czech multiple launch rocket systems RM-70 Vampire in Ukraine. (@AndriyYermak/Zenger)

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 in what the Kremlin is calling a “special military operation”. July 19 marks the 146th day of the invasion.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that between February 24 and July 19, Russia had lost about 38,550 personnel, 1,691 tanks, 3,892 armored combat vehicles, 851 artillery units, 248 multiple launch rocket systems, 113 air defense systems, 220 warplanes, 188 helicopters, 693 drones, 167 cruise missiles, 15 warships, 2,767 motor vehicles and fuel tankers, and 70 units of special equipment.

Six people have been killed by Russian shelling in the eastern Ukrainian town of Toretsk, according to Ukrainian officials.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has appointed a new acting head of domestic security after he dismissed Ukraine’s previous head of the security service and its prosecutor general, amid claims that some of their staff have been “working against” the country in territories currently occupied by Russia.

The First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, has met with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Zelenska is embarking on a series of appearances in Washington D.C. and is set to meet the U.S.’ First Lady Jill Biden.

Ukrainian military officials have said that Russia is preparing the next stage of its invasion after Moscow said that its forces in Ukraine will increase military activities in “all operational areas”.

Ukraine has said that Russia appears to be preparing its forces for an attack on the city of Sloviansk, in the eastern region of Donetsk.

Combat work of the Czech multiple launch rocket systems RM-70 Vampire in Ukraine. (@AndriyYermak/Zenger)

The Russian majority state-owned energy company Gazprom told its European customers that it cannot guarantee gas supplies due to “extraordinary” circumstances.

Turkey has said that a resumption of Ukraine’s grain exports via the Black Sea is “probable” following a meeting with Ukraine, Russia and the United Nations to discuss “small problems”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has again threatened to block Sweden and Finland’s bids to join NATO unless his conditions are met.

EU foreign ministers have agreed to a 500-million euro ($510 million) funding package to supply weapons to Ukraine, bringing the total since February to 2.5 billion euros ($2.55 billion). EU foreign ministers are also reportedly discussing a ban on the import of Russian gold.

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