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Geek Out With Geexolotls NFTs

“Our mission is straightforward: to excite and amuse those who visit our site.”

Geekdom lends itself to a send-up. And it’s got one in the digital universe.

The Geexolotls NFT Art Collection is a parody that has been made with meticulous attention to detail about the geek craze. It is set in the fascinating and enigmatic realm of the Axolotls. (NFTs are non-fungible tokens that digitally represent any asset.)

Produced by a seasoned art team, comprised on 3D sculptors, illustrators and painters, this site will unleash 3,333 incredibly detailed NFTs.

The collection went live on June 16 on the Solana blockchain, which will mark the beginning of the GeexoVerse.

“We are nerds that explored the world of NFTs but didn’t fully feel connected to any collection, so we decided to create our own unique one,” reads the Geexolotls site.

Here is a member of the Geexolotls NFT collection’s Gen 1 characters. (Geexolotls)

The point of the art is to creatively empower its owners.

Geexolotls wants every customer to feel they have purchased a fantastic Geexo and are proud to own something special — an asset that is fun on various levels. This is one of the company’s core values, and it is the reason they carefully select each item in the collection by hand.

The company provide holders with an NFT that serves a twofold purpose. First, it is a one-of-a-kind object, due to the specific nature of the asset. Second, it reflects the holder in a way it hopes is singular and personal.

Why? There are 13 treasures hidden among the 3,333 NFTs, and each of these treasures is a unique NFT that was designed after one of the main characters in Lore. These treasures are NFTs inspired by Gexolotis’ lead characters and are known as Legendaries. They include “Geekstein,” the scientist, “SideK,” the comics guy, “Darko,” the horror fan, “Neddy” the nerd, and “Glitch” the gamer.

Another member of the Geexolotls NFT collection is “Wachalot The Movieholic.” (Geexolotls)

“Our mission is straightforward: to excite and amuse those who visit our site,” the site says. “In order for us to accomplish what we have set out to do, we need to lay the groundwork first. At this point, we are working on putting the finishing touches on the NFTs and curating the collection. Creating our Lore and working on our website simultaneously. Implementing our digital footprint and integrating ourselves within Solana’s ecosystem are our current priorities.”

(The lore in gaming is its backstory, all the key elements that support the principal narrative.)

The NFTs are considered “dynamic,” meaning an owner can control the multi-state possibilities of their tokens by cycling between upcoming “seasons,” without increasing the supply.

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