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How Does Your Meta-Garden Grow? New Offering From Shrub Finance Knows

Cyber seeds that grow into plants are divided into three categories — hope, passion and wonder.

Shrub Finance has created an interactive project called Shrub Paper Gardens that makes use of on-chain metadata. This is Shrub Finance’s initial non-fungible token NFT, part of the company’s ambitious decentralized finance program, which includes Shrub Swap, Shrub Options and Shrub Exchange.

Holders of the Shrub Paper Gardens NFT will be granted a special position inside the company’s ecosystem, as well as early access to product releases, special drops and airdrops.

Shrub NFT  holders need to obtain seeds that are divided into three categories — wonder, hope and passion — and a pot. After they put the seed in the pot, users tend to it by providing it with the water and fertilizer it needs to develop into a shrub.

“Plant your seed, grow a Shrub. Planting your seed into a pot creates a potted plant. For the first time ever, grow an NFT by interacting with it on-chain!” Shrub says on its website.

“Once your potted plant is fully grown it is time to harvest, Shrub traits are based on the type of seed you planted, emotion and DNA. Some combinations result in rare traits!

“Every Shrub is unique,” the company adds.

Shrub’s paper seed of wonder, one of 250 NFTs on offer. (Shrub Finance)

The Shrub team has developed a distribution system they are calling NFT Tickets to make it easier to sell NFTs in advance. This is the next generation of the NFT drop, and it will be utilized in the future in other projects, the company says.

There will initially be 250 flower pots offered with a potential maximum of 1,000.

The paper seed of hope NFT offered by Shrub, which bills itself as a passionate community of builders, thinkers and creators. (Shrub Finance)

All the artwork for the Shrub NFTs are kept in a mirrored configuration of the InterPlanetary File System, which its creator says is “designed to preserve and grow humanity’s knowledge by making the web upgradeable, resilient and more open.”

Shrub Garden is the company’s third product. The first was Shrub Paper, which allows users to buy and sell items with either U.S. dollars or the sMATIC cryptocurrency. The second was Shrub Exchange, a partnership with Wyre that allows users to make buys using a credit card, debit card or Apple Pay.

“Shrub is a passionate community of builders, thinkers, and creators who love living on the cutting edge of innovation We are here to change the world,” the company tweeted.

Here are other points of access to the enterprise: Twitter: and Discord:

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