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Shell Shockers: Russian Artillery Takes Out Humanitarian Aid Center Hitting Civilians

Five people were reportedly said to have been injured in the blast, which struck at Sievierodonetsk.

Sickening footage of Russian troops reportedly shelling a humanitarian aid center where civilians were standing in line waiting for help has emerged from Ukraine.

Five people were reportedly said to have been injured in the blast, which struck at Sievierodonetsk, in Ukraine’s eastern Luhansk Oblast (province).

In the footage, the people outside the aid center suddenly run for cover, apparently hearing the Russian shells whistling toward them.

The moment of a missile exploding on the street near people walking in the residential district of Sievierodonetsk, Ukraine, in April, 2022. (Zenger)

One shell makes a direct hit on the center, sending civilians sprawling.

Seconds later, another shell hits the other side of the street, destroying the front of a second building.

As the footage ends, one injured person can be seen slumped on the pavement in front of the aid center.

Zenger News obtained the disturbing clip from the Ukrainian state news agency, Ukrinform, on April 6.

According to local reports, residents were queuing for humanitarian aid when the center was shelled by Russian troops.

Local police reported the incident on April 6.

Meanwhile, the Russian attack on Sievierodonetsk reportedly led to fires in 10 high-rise buildings in the city.

Governor of Luhansk Oblast Serhiy Haidai, 46, said: “Once again, we are experiencing the cynical shelling of residential areas in Sievierodonetsk.

A destroyed building in Sievierodonetsk, Ukraine, in April, 2022. (@MNS.GOV.UA/Zenger)

“Flames have engulfed 10 high-rise buildings, a shopping center, garages, but no strategic military facilities.

“Russian ‘peace’ is destroying our way of life in Luhansk Oblast. Rescuers are extinguishing the fires and clearing the debris.”

Along with Sievierodonetsk, Russian troops also reportedly shelled the towns and cities of Lysychans’k, Rubizhne, Kreminna, Popasna, Gorske, Zolote, and Novodruzhes’k.

Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24 in what the Kremlin is calling a “special military operation” in the sovereign European country.

The United Nations’ International Court of Justice, in The Hague, has ordered Russia to stop its invasion and remove its troops from Ukrainian territory.

Today marks the 43rd day of the invasion.

A destroyed building in Sievierodonetsk, Ukraine, in April, 2022. (@MNS.GOV.UA/Zenger)

From February 24 to April 7, the total combat losses of Russian troops stand at nearly 19,000 personnel, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military also claims that Russia has lost 698 main battle tanks, 1,861 combat armored vehicles, 332 artillery systems, 108 MLR systems, 55 anti-aircraft systems, 150 warplanes, 135 helicopters, 1,358 vehicles, seven vessels, 76 fuel tank trucks, 111 operational-tactical level UAVs, 25 units of special equipment, and four mobile SRBM systems.

Russia has shifted most of the focus of its invasion to eastern Ukraine, following a series of defeats near the capital, Kyiv.

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