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VIDEO: Doggone Big: Miniature Schnauzers Share A Home With A Giant Irish Wolfhound

The 3 animals live in Yorkshire, England, and have bonded, despite their size.

Before-and-after photos show three puppies in the first picture — and a later shot that shows one dog towering over the others.

The dogs are part-owned by psychology student Claudia Carter of Yorkshire, England, She manages the TikTok page Bruhpuppy and appears dwarfed by her pooch.

Her page has 59,200 followers and shows the exploits of her three dogs: Arlo, Bertie and Ernie.

Carter told Zenger that she and her family have had Arlo, who is 11 months old, for nine months. They got him from a reputable Irish Wolfhound breeder.

She said Arlo, seen in later pictures looming over his siblings, “currently weighs 172 pounds and is approximately 37 inches tall.”

Carter knew Arlo was going to be big, as his biological father and grandfather are large.

Arlo lives in a house with his “brothers,” two miniature schnauzers, called Bertie and Ernie. Miniature schnauzers are intelligent animals and easy to train. They are known for being loving and protective.

Arlo, (center) at eight weeks old, with his “siblings,” miniature schnauzers called Bertie and Ernie. (@bruhpuppy/Zenger)
Arlo, an Irish Wolfhound, (center) with the miniature schnauzers, Bertie and Ernie, he lives with.  (@bruhpuppy/Zenger)

“Arlo eats approximately 4 pounds of food a day, and we feed him a raw diet,” she said. That diet typically includes organ and muscle meats, whole or ground bone, raw eggs, fruit and veg, and dairy products like yogurt.

Advocates say such a diet can yield glossier coats, healthier skin, better dental health, more energy and smaller stools.

Irish Wolfhounds have famously been described as “gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked.” This holds at least partly true for Arlo, who, according to Claudia, is “very much a gentle giant, he has never shown aggression.”

Claudia said that Arlo’s huge size provokes different reactions.

Arlo, at 11 months, is approximately 37 inches tall and 172 pounds. Yet he is gentle and playful with his owner, Claudia Carter. (@bruhpuppy/Zenger)

“Many people come over to meet and pet him. Others take photographs to show to their friends and family. However, sometimes people cross the road, as his size can be seen as intimidating.”

However, Arlo is usually a happy animal. “He loves playing with his toys, playing with his brothers Bertie and Ernie. He also loves going for adventures and long walks,” Claudia said.

The Irish Wolfhound is a giant-sized dog, and the tallest of all breeds, according to the American Kennel Club, reaching the size of a small pony. Its build resembles a greyhound, only larger and stockier.

The breed is known for possessing a sweet temperament, but when provoked can run and kill larger animals. The Irish wolfhound takes about two years before it is fully grown and given its size, needs adequate space to run.

Edited by Fern Siegel and Kristen Butler

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