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VIDEO: Suspected Car Thief Brought To A Halt By Police Helicopter

Driver of stolen car dodged roadblocks, attempts to deflate tires and pursuing police cars but could not outrun chopper.

A man who was fleeing police in a stolen car in Winnipeg, Canada, is in custody, the Winnipeg Police Service said on Dec. 11.

The suspect was identified as Allan David Graveline, 25, from Winnipeg.

Video shows police dashboard camera footage of the incident.

The footage was posted online by the Winnipeg Police Service, with the message: “On Dec. 9, 2021, at approximately 9:37 p.m., an East District General Patrol supervisor observed a stolen sedan traveling in the area of Panet Road and Dugald Road.”

About 20 minutes after the pursuit began, police said, the vehicle came to a stop in the Munroe West area. Police said the driver tried to resist arrest but was quickly taken into custody.

“The Winnipeg Police Service helicopter took control and maintained visual contact as the vehicle drove dangerously through the area,” police said.

“Officers deployed a tire deflation device but were unsuccessful,” police said. “At one point, as officers attempted to contain the sedan, the driver drove onto a boulevard and a sidewalk.

The helicopter continued to follow the vehicle as ground units began to pursue from a distance, police said.

“At 9:55 p.m., the car eventually came to a stop in the Munroe West neighborhood,” police said. They said the driver had driven onto a boulevard and over a sidewalk when they attempted to box him in, and the driver was safely taken into custody after attempting to resist arrest.”

“A search of the driver and vehicle resulted in the seizure of a knife with a serrated blade, 15.8 grams [half-ounce] of cocaine (potential street value of $980), 12.9 grams [quarter-ounce] of methamphetamine (potential street value of $1,003) and 28 unknown pills. A small amount of money was also seized,” police said.

“The driver was found to be the subject of a Canada-wide warrant, police said. He was also found to be a lifetime suspended/prohibited driver.

Police said the vehicle was reported stolen on Nov. 11, 2021.

Police said Graveline has been charged for his alleged involvement with “flight while pursued by peace officer, dangerous operation of a conveyance, possession of a weapon, possession of a scheduled substance for the purpose of trafficking – cocaine, possession of a scheduled substance for the purpose of trafficking – methamphetamine, resist peace officer, possession of property obtained by crime under CAD 5,000 [$3,891], possession of proceeds of property obtained by crime under CAD 5,000, operation of a conveyance while prohibited pursuant to federal or provincial act.”

Graveline was detained in custody, police said.

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