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Terror As Masked Gang Allegedly Stabs Dad And Snatches Kids With Ex-Girlfriend

Police rescued the three children, who were located later at a motel.

A woman and three men were being questioned by police in Georgia after a man was stabbed and his three children were kidnapped on Dec. 1.

“Cobb County police officers responded to a person stabbed … in Mableton, Georgia, on Dec. 1 at approximately 9 p.m. They discovered 31-year-old Danny Bernal inside his trailer suffering from several sharp force trauma injuries and lacerations. According to Mr. Bernal, several masked men along with his ex-girlfriend had forced their way into his home, stabbed him, and kidnapped his three children,” the Cobb County Police Department said in statement posted online.

The four people being questioned by police were not identified.

“Cobb County Police investigators from the Crimes Against Persons unit were able to track down the children to the Super 8 Motel … in Decatur, Georgia,” police said. “Our detectives, along with members of our Violent Crime Bureau, responded to the hotel early in the morning of Dec. 2, and with the assistance of the Decatur Police Department they were able to recover the children unharmed in the hotel room.

“Bernal’s ex-girlfriend and three adult males were taken in for questioning by detectives.”

An unidentified Cobb County police officer recovers the kidnapped children whose father was stabbed during a home invasion on Dec. 1. (Cobb County Police Department/Zenger)

Photographs posted by the Cobb County Police Department show the three children after they were rescued from the motel. They can be seen sitting in the back of a car with a blanket. Police said that two of the children seen sitting in the back of a police car are “not associated with our case.”

The photos have blurred the faces of the young children.

The police department’s Crimes Against Persons Division investigates death, homicides, suicides, assault/battery, sex offenses, kidnappings (except parental “snatching”), missing persons and extortion, among other crimes.

The unit “is comprised of a group of highly trained and highly skilled detectives who investigate some of the worst crimes against society,” its webpage says.

The division also houses the Crime Scene Unit, which “is responsible for documenting and processing crime scenes to locate evidence, identify suspects, and to present evidence in criminal proceedings. Crime scene technicians are responsible for processing evidence utilizing a variety of procedures for fingerprint, DNA, and trace evidence.”

It includes a technology-based crime unit, a crime analysis unit, a domestic violence/stalking unit, and a crimes against children unit.

This investigation is ongoing, and anyone with information is asked to call the Cobb County Police Department.

In a separate incident two weeks ago, a man accused of stabbing a police officer in Georgia has also been charged with murder in connection with the shooting deaths of a husband and wife in Cobb County.

Edited by Judith Isacoff and Kristen Butler

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