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VIDEO: Pup Idol: How TikTok Has Gone Barking Mad For Janina’s Dog Snaps

German photographer makes social media stars of canines.

Cute dogs are a guaranteed draw on social media, and German photographer is among those who posts pictures of lots of pooches.

Janina Leick is pleasing her viewers, which as of last count amounted to 16,000 on Instagram and 161,000 on TikTok.

Before becoming a pet photographer, she was a dog trainer.

“The first dog I trained was Pixel (I am the owner), and I came to the conclusion that working with dogs who aren’t your own is the best way to hone your skills and try out new techniques,” she said.

“The secret is that most dog trainers are not training dogs. They train people. Your principal work as a trainer is teaching your customers how to train. It requires the skill of dog trainers. You also need to motivate your customers, shape their capabilities and strengthen their success even if you prefer animals to people.”

Having moved into photography, she said she has many clients and chooses the location for her photo shoots by “matching the color of the client dogs.”

Some “tricks” are also involved in getting just the right image.

One of Janina Leick’s many dog photos. (Courtesy of Janina Leick)

“It is very difficult to make dogs jump and perform action movements at the right time, but with a lot of patience and some special knowledge about them, you can make the perfect pictures,” she said.

“Foxhound-type dogs make, for me, the best subjects, as they tend to have high engines, train well and hear non-commands. They also have super floppy ears that look lovely in action shots. They don’t tend to hesitate or shed a lot. That saves us time cleaning equipment between sessions.

She uses a Canon R5 to capture images of dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors.

The photographer, who used to be a dog trainer, knows how to get the best out of her subjects. (Courtesy of Janina Leick)
Instagram and TikTok users love Janina Leick’s photos. (Courtesy of Janina Leick)

”Photography is my full-time job now,” she said. “ I just use Photoshop for more lights, colors and sharpness, but my intention is to capture perfect memories for the owners. In my spare time, I still do some dog training or dog sport training.”

The market size for the pet photography industry in the United States is estimated at $124 million, according to research firm IbisWorld.

Since the pandemic, “the industry is expected to benefit from a growing number of pets, expanded consumer spending levels and total advertising expenditures, which will drive demand for pet photography services,” IbisWorld states.

Edited by Judith Isacoff and Fern Siegel

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