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VIDEO: Is That A Michel-Mango-Lo? Artist Who Makes Incredible Sculptures From Fruit

Woman's carvings cater to customers who appreciate her whimsy in art.

Art comes in all shapes, sizes — and elements. A UK-based food sculptor uses food as her canvas — anything from melons to cheese — for her singular works.

Szimonetta Zombori, a native of Hungary who lives in Bournemouth, England, has won awards for her culinary artwork, which is carved into various fruits and vegetables, including watermelons, avocados and pumpkins.

“I specialize in fruit and vegetable carving, but I became an expert in cheese and soap carving as well. I am making artisan chocolate bars right now,” Zombori, also known as Sisi, said.

Szimonetta Zombori demonstrates her culinary art on an avocado. (Sisi Food Sculptor/Zenger)

The artist said she has worked with Google, Coach New York, L’Oreal, Aldi, Carlsberg and Sainsbury’s.

She is inspired by various artists.

“I follow a few sculptors from the USA and a couple from Italy. Ray Villafane from Arizona is among my favorites. They are the best in the business, and I want to be as good as or even better than they are.

“I am really competitive, and this gives me the power to do more and more. … One day I want to inspire others, too.”

Szimonetta Zombori etches various faces, including Freddie Mercury and Elton John, on pumpkins. (Sisi Food Sculptor, Russell Sach/Zenger)

Her tool of choice is a single Thai carving knife. The video demonstrates her dexterity in transforming a watermelon into a flower or fashioning a swan.

“I can do everything with this knife — logos, letters, pictures, etc. If I do a 3D carving, then I need some special tools. I can finish a simple design or rose within two hours, but a more difficult design or 3D carving can take up to six hours or more,” she said.

Who knew broccoli could be art? Szimonetta Zombori has an eye for detail in her carvings. (Sisi Food Sculptor/Zenger)

Her art works include carvings on broccoli and avocado, and engravings on chocolate, and even changing a pumpkin’s likeness to that of Freddie Mercury, Elton John and Frankenstein.

Zombori trained in high school as a stone sculptor, but she was not fully satisfied. So she became a qualified food sculptor, spending years mastering the craft.

Her other business interests include creating Rosegold & Grey artisan gifts, a “full-service business specializing in gift design for weddings, corporate events, client appreciation, and life’s special occasions. Most of the gift boxes include a handmade product chocolate bar or hand-carved soap,” she said.

Edited by Fern Siegel and Judith Isacoff

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