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Grab Your Birthday Suit: France, US, Israel Among Top Skinny-Dipping Spots

The high ranking has more to do with the weather than the available options.

The naked truth is that Israeli recently captured sixth place on a list of the world’s top skinny-dipping spots.

Israel, with its Middle Eastern location, conservative populations and primness when it comes to all things topless, beat countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy and Greece.

The ranking was carried out by Outforia, a UK-based, self-proclaimed “go-to resource for all things wild (meaning nature).”

The website examined where in the world public nudity is legal or partially legal, and for these countries assigned scores based on their number of nudist beaches and clubs, number of nudist campsites, average annual temperature and average water temperature.

Israel probably reached its respectable place on the list due to its warm climate, with a cited average annual temperature of 66.6 degrees Fahrenheit and average water temperature of 73 degrees, for according to the list it boasts only three nudist beaches and clubs and two nudist campsites.

France, which came in top place, reportedly boasts 397 nudist beaches and clubs and 212 nudist campsites — but isn’t so lucky when it comes to the weather.

Second place went to the United States, with 299 nudist beaches and 253 nudist campsites, and third place went to Spain, which has 422 nudist beaches but only 95 nudist campsites.

Fourth place went to Thailand, which has a relatively small number of nudist sites but the best weather on the ranking, and Australia came in fifth. After Israel, South Africa, the UK, Italy and Greece round out the top 10.

However, getting naked in public isn’t actually legal in Israel. But there are two beaches where people go for some nude fun in the sun — one in Ga’ash along the Mediterranean, and another in the northern Dead Sea.

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Edited by Judith Isacoff and Bryan Wilkes

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