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North Indian Organization Curates Designer Furniture By Upcycling Old Car Parts, Automotive Waste

A Jaipur-based organization is creating designer furniture through recycling and reusing old car parts and automotive waste.

JAIPUR, India – A northern Indian city — Jaipur — based organization, is creating design furniture through upcycling, recycling, and reusing the old parts of a car and automotive waste to create a sustainable culture by recycling waste.

“Inspired by elements of nature, crafted by hand, we aspire to create a sustainable auto-art ecosystem through leasing a second life to your old automobile,” said Himanshu Jangid, Founder,  Sustain by Cartist .

“We adopt upcycling automobile parts to create sustainable furniture and bring them into the mainstream by reducing costs of recycling / scraping, ultimately reducing waste, carbon footprint, and protecting our resources. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the transition of the automobile industry towards a circular economy. “

“We are displaying a gold range of furniture made from waste car parts. To generate awareness of climate change, so there is a need for a sustainable culture. Hence, that solution is being given Sustain by Cartist on how an old car should be used in furniture, “said Jangid.

He said that they are converting 90 percent of the car parts into furniture and stand with the idea of ​​the “Waste to Wealth Mission.”

“We believe it is the responsibility of everyone to step forward, to save our planet and do our bit to prevent climate change impact by sustainable ways and innovative ideas,” said Jangid.

“The automobile industry has to adopt a  #circulareconomy  not only for economic reasons but to promote sustainable approaches. Be one  @sustaincartist . Champion, donate your scrap car. We will send you upcycled furniture,”  tweeted  Sustain by Cartist.

Keeping the potential of waste management in consideration, the ‘ Waste to Wealth Mission ‘ of the  Prime Minister’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Advisory Council  aims to identify, develop and deploy technologies to treat waste to generate energy, recycle materials, and extract resources of value.

Jangid said Cartist has upcycled nearly 10,000 kilograms (22046.23 lbs) of auto car parts into furniture.

They create handmade designer furniture using old automobile parts ranging from tables to chairs to stools to table lamps. They urge people to come forward and give their old cars and take back designer furniture.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched  Vehicle Scrappage Policy  in India on Aug. 13 at the Gujarat Investor Summit and requested youths and start-ups to join the program.

“It would help the Automobile Industry in the long term and to scrap the old cars, for that Cartist started a solution initiative, as Modiji said that” Kachre ko Kanchan, “this mission of making waste to the wealth, we are promoting it, “said Jangid.

The Vehicle Scrapping Policy aims to create an ecosystem for phasing out unfit and polluting vehicles environmentally friendly and safe. The policy intends to make scrapping infrastructure in Automated Testing Stations and Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facilities across the country.

( With inputs from ANI)

Edited by Saptak Datta and Ritaban Misra

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