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American Digital Technology Firm UST To Hire Over 10,000 New Employees In 2021

Currently, the company has over 26,000 employees across 25 countries and 35 offices.

BENGALURU, India — American digital technology and transformation firm, UST, has announced its plan to hire over 10,000 new employees this year across the globe. 

“These new hires will support the ongoing development of our industry-leading products and platforms that will scale with the considerable growing demand for our solutions,” said Manu Gopinath, Joint Chief Operating Officer, UST. 

“Working with UST means standing up for something while standing out–touching billions of lives as you tackle fresh challenges and co-create meaningful change.”

 The company said the hiring will mainly take place in certain regions, especially with a focus on North America (US, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica), South America (Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia), Europe (United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), APAC (India, Israel, Malaysia, and Singapore) and Australia.

Currently, with over 26,000 employees across 25 countries and 35 offices, UST is looking to add more technologists and creative thinkers to its expanding workforce.

The profiles include tech-savvy, qualified candidates, including 2,000 entry-level engineering positions, with digital proficiencies and key skills in Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Cloud Infrastructure, Java, Data Science & Engineering, Application Development and Modernization, AI/ML, Automation (RPA/IPA), as per the company. 

“From day one, our new hires will be on the ground innovating with the newest technologies to deliver solutions and build products that matter to clients and their end customers,” said Gopinath.

“Now is an ideal time to join UST. With our flexibility and hybrid workplace culture, we embrace solving business-critical problems of our customers and promote entrepreneurship as they are the catalysts of innovation,” said Alexander Varghese, Joint Chief Operating Officer, UST. 

“We are in an exciting phase of the growth of the company. Together, we collaborate and enhance the way people work, live, and do business across the world.” 

UST recently released a report that highlighted the importance of supply chain solutions across the globe. 

“Smart orchestration tools can help organizations continue receiving and distributing their goods while the competition struggles,” UST said in a blog

“High demands on the supply chain is a good problem for the global economy to have. But it is clear the aftereffects of the pandemic will create continual stresses on the supply chain, and the status quo will not do. Leading organizations are increasingly looking for customizable and infinitely configurable supply chain visibility solutions.” 

“The pandemic jolted our society out of its relative comfort. Hopefully, we will no longer take for granted stretches of normalcy,” said Mark Holmes, Practice Leader, Supply Chain, UST.

“But the reality is increased global geopolitical friction, international travel, and migration, and changes in customer habits will continue to alter the makeup of the world. Organizations will prioritize flexibility, so they can adapt when the world again changes overnight.”

(With inputs from ANI)

Edited by Abinaya Vijayaraghavan and Praveen Pramod Tewari

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