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Taking It In Her Stride: The 6-Foot-9-Inch Model With The World’s Second-Longest Legs

Catwalk queen Renny's 53-inch legs put her one giant step ahead. 

Rentsenkhorloo Bud has trouble shopping for clothes that fit her 53-inch legs. She bumps her head on doorways and has trouble finding shoes anywhere in Asia that are big enough for her feet.

But the 6’9″ native of Mongolia says she’s finally body-positive after years of bullying about her gangly legs. After all, the 29-year-old is a fashion model now — the world’s tallest.

Rentsenkhorloo, known by her friends as Renny, now lives and works in the United States. She told Zenger that she inherited her height from her 6’10” father and her 6’1″ mother.

Rentsenkhorloo Bud faced childhood bullying due to her height, but says it helped her to later become a model. Now, she says she loves her long legs. (@rentsenkhorloo_bud/Zenger)

And her legs are still growing: She says she could overtake the 17-year-old Texan who Guinness World Records says has the world’s longest female appendages.

But she already towers over photographers and has trouble shopping for shoes — and for anything off-the-rack that fits her legs. “My shoe size is US 13 and you can’t find any shoes in Asia and even in Mongolia and Korea,” she said.

Bud said the bullying she faced during her childhood helped her become a model later.

“When I was younger I felt so bad because of my height,” Bud said. “Some people made me feel uncomfortable, but nowadays it seems like I’m seen more as unique, so that’s why I feel so good.”

Eventually she became more comfortable with her long legs. And now she has gone body-positive.

Rentsenkhorloo Bud says it’s a challenge fit through doorways or to find clothes that fit her. (@rentsenkhorloo_bud/Zenger)
Rentsenkhorloo Bud faced childhood bullying due to her height, but says it helped her to later become a model. Now, she loves her long legs and says it feels great when people ask if she’s a model.  (@rentsenkhorloo_bud/Zenger)

“Many people asked me ‘are you a model?’ so I feel great when they ask me that,” she said.

“Being tall is beautiful, and you can look so unique from other people,” she said.

She also sometimes runs into problems while moving through public spaces. “The doorways are so short for me,” she said. “I hate to hit my head on doorways.”

Russian model Ekaterina Lisina previously held the Guinness World Record for her 52-inch-long legs. Lisina also holds the record for the tallest professional model, but Guinness says she measures 205.16 cm from heel to crown. That’s 6 feet, 8.77  inches, making her unofficially shorter than Bud.

Despite having longer legs than Russian model Ekaterina Lisina, the 2018 female record holder for longest legs, Rentsenkhorloo Bud says she hasn’t applied for a Guinness World Record, and doesn’t want to. Lisina’s record was recently broken by Maci Currin, whose legs are 53.255 inches long. (@rentsenkhorloo_bud/Zenger)

A Texas teenager, 17-year-old Maci Currin, beat Lisina’s record for the world’s longest legs for a female in the 2021 Guinness Book of World Records, with legs measuring 53.255 inches.

Bud says she does not need a certificate to remind her of the value of being unique.

“I love my long legs, and I think they make me more beautiful,” she said.

Edited by Ali McCadden and Kristen Butler

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