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IPhone 14 Pro May Feature A Titanium Body

A new report by J.P. Morgan chase says that Apple plans to equip its new models with titanium alloy chassis.

WASHINGTON — American multinational tech firm Apple is planning to make its iPhone devices sturdier than ever before with a new titanium body for next year’s iPhone 14 pro models.

A report by J.P. Morgan Chase said that Apple is looking to equip the Pro models in its iPhone 14 line-up, likely coming next year, with a titanium alloy chassis, as per a media report.

This would be a first for the iPhone since Apple has previously used aluminum and stainless steel for their devices. Titanium is harder and more resistant to scratches, more resistant to corrosion, and lighter than stainless steel.

However, titanium is harder to etch, and it’s quite prone to fingerprint marks.

Apple reportedly has a fix for both of these issues. It will do so by using an oxide coating that should get rid of fingerprints, as well as a new blasting, etching, and chemical process that should give titanium a glossier finish, as per the media report.

“According to the latest report from J.P. Morgan Chase, Apple will launch the iPhone 14 series (unnamed) in the second half of 2022, and the specification upgrade will be greater than that of the iPhone 13 series (unnamed),” the media report citing sources said.

“It is said that the body of the high-end iPhone 14 series (or Pro) is expected to be made of titanium alloy and will be exclusively supplied by Hon Hai.”

“In addition, other models in the iPhone 14 series will use aluminum alloy and stainless steel frames. The stainless steel frames are supplied by Hon Hai and Jabli. Lansi and Luxshare are also applying for certification; while the aluminum alloy frames are supplied by Lansi and Jabli.”

Notably, Apple does already use titanium for its Apple Watch Edition, which earlier used to have a ceramic case.

In other Apple-related news, the company plans to bring Face ID to basically all relevant devices, including all iPads, Macs, and the iPhone SE range, as per media reports.

Though there’s no clear timeline on this, it should eventually happen. This would also mean that notches on iPhones are here to stay, even though this year’s iPhone 13 is rumored to come with a smaller notch than previous models, as per media reports.

The Apple iPhone 13 launch is also a few months away, and speculations are on the rise regarding the new features of the smartphone. Improved and larger cameras, faster processors, more storage options, and a bigger battery are some rumored new features that the new iPhone could sport.

(With inputs from ANI)

Edited by Abinaya Vijayaraghavan and Praveen Pramod Tewari

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