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Tiffany Haddish Shares How She Is Preparing To Play Legendary Florence Griffith Joyner

The actor said her transformation during quarantine was inspired by the Olympic star Florence Griffith Joyner.

WASHINGTON — Tiffany Haddish, who is set to play the Olympic star Florence Griffith Joyner, proclaimed as “the fastest woman in the world” in an upcoming biopic, recently shared how she has been prepping her body for the film.

Haddish said that she has always seen Joyner as her ultimate “Body Goals” idol and is excited to play the late Olympian in an upcoming film about her life.

“This is going to be huge— and my legs are going to be amazing! Florence Griffith Joyner was an amazing human being, and the more I’m learning about her, the more I’m like, ‘Wow!’,” Haddish said.

The “Bad Trip” actor shared that she lost about 50 lbs. last year, which she says has helped her feel better mentally and physically.

“First of all, it feels good to be able to wear a two-piece and not feel like, ‘Oh, I got to put a whole sarong on and a very large coverup, coverall situation. It feels good to be able to be free (sic),” she said.

“And the main thing about the whole transformation is my knees feel like they’re happy. And when my legs are happy, Tiffany’s happy.”

Haddish, who is also producing the film about the late track and field star, said she has already been sampling a bit of the legendary star’s signature style. Including her “daring and unconventional track outfits” and “her distinctive extra-long fingernails” in preparation for the untitled biopic.

“Yeah. I have tried on some of the outfits, and I must say, I look pretty darn good in them. I had the long nails over the summer. We don’t have long nails right now because there’s a lot of typing that I’m doing; I’m in the process of writing my next book. So we need the fingertips so we can move quickly on the keyboard, but the nails will be back sooner than later,” Haddish said.

“I had this thought that I want the body of Flo-Jo,” Haddish said in Nov 2020.

While announcing the project in June 2021, an official release from the makers informed that Joyner was one of Haddish’s heroes growing up.

Apart from Haddish, the late athlete’s husband and former coach, Al Joyner, will also serve as a producer and creative consultant on the project.

Melanie Clark of She Ready Productions will also serve as a producer, while Jonathan Fuhrman of Thunder Road Pictures will serve as an executive producer. Therese Andrews, EVP of Production at game1, is fronting the entire project.

Joyner, famous as ‘Flo-Jo’ to her fans, helped popularize track and field with her record-breaking Olympic run and flashy personality and style. She is still considered the fastest woman of all time; the world records she set in 1988 for both the 100 meters and 200 meters have yet to be broken. She died in 1998 at the age of 38 of an epileptic seizure.

Apart from the upcoming biopic, Haddish will next appear in Paul Schrader’s mystery drama “The Card Counter” alongside Oscar Isaac and Tye Sheridan.

(With inputs from ANI)

(Edited by Ojaswin Kathuria and Nikita Nikhil)

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