Nationwide Israeli Survey Uses Tactile Data Gathering To Understand The Roads

Software will be embedded in hundreds of vehicles to collect real-time road data, paving the way for smarter road maintenance.

Haifa-based Tactile Mobility has launched the world’s first nationwide tactile data gathering project in partnership with Union Motors, the official importer of Toyota in Israel.

Tactile Mobility’s tactile sensing and data technology will be installed in hundreds of Toyota vehicles across Israel as a mapping engine that offers a near real-time view of the road network to support maintenance, live hazard detection and post-accident analysis.

“Our vision is for a safer, more efficient and enjoyable driving experience on roads everywhere,” said Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO of Tactile Mobility.

“This project marks the first time that road authorities across an entire country will receive real-time accurate mapping of pavement conditions, infrastructure and road risks, enabling them to effectively minimize hazards. We look forward to rolling out this affordable, in-vehicle solution to ensure other countries can benefit from our solution.”

The company notes that roads across the world are old and deteriorating, and the cost to maintain and repair them is steep — in the U.S. alone, it could cost up to $1 trillion. Today, many road authorities rely on outdated, expensive practices to monitor the condition of their roads such as survey vehicles, patrols or citizen alerts.

Ran Danai, CEO at Union Automotive Group, said, “Our vehicles, embedded with Tactile Mobility’s in-vehicle software, will equip road authorities across Israel with road insights needed to mitigate safety risks and conduct responsive and preventative road maintenance, ultimately ensuring safer roads for their citizens.”

Tactile Mobility was co-founded in 2012 by Boaz Mizrachi, Yossi Shiri and Alex Ackerman and is already working with several OEMs including BMW.

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