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Vintage Style: The Decoration Trend That Is Still Current

Pieces of furniture owned by families for generations are perfect for this style. 

Vintage decor has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. In mid-2021, experts still encourage decorating and furnishing rooms in a vintage style.

Making vintage designs is not as simple as it may seem on Instagram or Facebook. A wrongly placed element can turn a room from vintage to old-fashioned in seconds.

“We must learn to distinguish the differences between both styles [vintage and old-fashioned], which may not be obvious at first. The bottom line is that vintage decor doesn’t eliminate modern touches,” said Dulce María Andrade, a Mexican interior designer.

Sometimes a single vintage element can provide a room with a special accent. (Ajeet Mestry/Unsplash)

“While the vintage style brings back to our daily life historical elements that may trigger memories, old-fashioned decoration may not be functional anymore, in addition to breaking the aesthetic purpose that is sought,” said Andrade.

Furniture is key to vintage decor. But before repurposing it, one must evaluate a piece’s functionality, conservation and adaptability.

The rest of the decoration should complement the piece. But balance is key, as it wouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing to overload a particular area with vintage objects.

Antique objects are not necessary in the vintage style. Decorators sometimes turn to new pieces made with stylistic elements from other times. (Jez Timms/Unsplash)

Antique objects are essential in vintage decor, but they need not necessarily be old. Some pieces of furniture may be new but made with stylistic elements from older times.

Particular objects may have an emotional connection to the family. It is possible to combine them with others to create a specific atmosphere.

The vintage trend is strong in Mexico “because people choose to keep traditional or symbolic elements in their homes, even more so if those pieces have been part of the family for decades. These elements fit in perfectly with a vintage decoration if done in the right way,” Andrade said.

The vintage style is also a trend in mobile home decoration.

When one does not own an antique object, one can rely on traditional elements that are easy to acquire. Social media may offer inexpensive pieces or guide users to thrift stores where they can get decorative elements at affordable prices.

The vintage style reflects respect for one’s culture and history.

“It doesn’t take a lot of money [to decorate a room in the vintage style]. You need to understand the style well and get your imagination going. The Internet is a highly appreciated resource to look for environments to copy. [Recreating them] does not exactly mean an immense expense,” she said.

(Translated and edited by Gabriela Olmos; edited by Kristen Butler)

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