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Polytex Expands Contactless Scrubs Dispensing In Spain

The system allows medical staff to change uniforms faster, often many times a day, without fear of contamination.

Israeli workwear management company Polytex Technologies has expanded its automated uniform dispensers in the Spanish market.

Hospitals and health-care providers in Madrid and Barcelona are rolling out Polytex’s workwear vending machines in order to fight COVID-related contamination, cut costs and maximize efficiency.

Polytex estimates that its system led at least one client to a 45 percent reduction in annual uniform purchase costs.

Spain is Polytex’s fourth largest market after Israel, the United States and Germany.

Some 3,000 Polytex machines are now installed in 20 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. Workers swipe a card on the front of the machine to access fresh work clothes without human interaction. Uniforms are delivered in sealed units and can only be opened by laundry professionals for collection and restocking. Polytex’s centralized cloud-based management system monitors the turnover and inventory.

The system “allows medical staff to change uniforms faster, often many times a day, without fear of contamination,” Polytex CEO Yariv Matzliach said.

The first Polytex hands-free scrubs dispenser was installed at Sheba Medical Center’s rehab unit in 2019. Sheba today has 20 stations serving more than 4,500 doctors, nurses and lab technicians.

Polytex sales in Spain nearly doubled in 2020 as COVID-19 increased concern about hygiene and cleanliness. In 2021, Polytex signed contracts with new customers including La Fundación Puigvert in Barcelona and COVID-19 treatment centers in Vall d’Hebrón and Bellvitge Hospitals in Catalonia.

Beyond hospitals, a Polytex workwear dispenser was installed at a subsidiary of H&T Presspart (a specialist in drug-delivery systems and pharmaceutical components) in Tarragona. Further north in Spain, Servicio Navarro de Salud, a government agency servicing several hospitals, is adopting the Polytex system. Finally, Polytex is coming to Laboratorios Echvarne, a diagnostic testing center with facilities throughout Spain.

“Hospitals were the first to adapt our solution and they continue to do so at a rapid pace as a result of the pandemic, but we are also witnessing growing interest from other segments of the health care sector in Spain,” Matzliach said.

Polytex customers around the world include major brands including GM, Marriott, Phillips, Sheraton and Roche.

The company was established in Israel in 2003 by the Poliner family. Tomer Poliner served as the company’s CEO until Polytex received a major investment in 2019 from private equity fund Fortissimo Capital. The company is based in Hadera.

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