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India At UN Calls For Zero Tolerance Policy On Terrorism 

Indian Ambassador to the United Nations T.S. Tirumurti said countries harboring terrorists need to be called out.

NEW YORK — India called for global support on the fight against terrorism, saying that countries that harbor terrorists and “wilfully” provide them with support need to be called out. 

“The threat of terrorism is grave and universal,” said T.S. Tirumurti, Indian Ambassador to the United Nations.

Tirumurti was addressing a United Nations General Assembly debate on the adoption of a resolution on the 7th review of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

Adopted in 2006, the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy is a unique global instrument to enhance national, regional, and international efforts to counter terrorism.

The United Nations General Assembly reviews the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy every two years, making it a living document attuned to Member States’ counter-terrorism priorities.

“The international community needs to adopt a policy of zero tolerance towards terrorism,” Tirumurti said. 

The United Nations released a press note on its Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy on June 30. 

“The General Assembly notably calls on Member States to take appropriate measures to address the rise in terrorist attacks on the basis of xenophobia, racism and other forms of intolerance, or in the name of religion or belief,” the statement read. 

“Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, adopted 15 years ago, was a major step forward & now we shouldn’t squander the gains or dilute our collective fight against terrorism. Call on States to Walk the Talk,” Tirumurti later tweeted.

Terming the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy a major step forward, Tirumurti said that it was essential for member states to not squander the gains in the fight against terrorism.

However, he also pointed out that the instrument has failed to resolve “the stalemate preventing the adoption of a comprehensive convention on international terrorism.”

“Permanent Representative of India to UN T.S. Tirumurti says, justifying terrorism in any way, whether on the grounds of religion, ideology, ethnicity or race, will only provide the necessary fodder for terrorists to enhance their activities even more,” the All India Radio News tweeted.

Tirumurti also said that the rise of hatred and violent terrorist attacks is not confined to the three Abrahamic religions but includes other religions like Buddhism, Sikhism, and Hinduism as well.

“Time to call out those that blatantly violate global commitments by harboring terrorists and terrorist entities and willfully giving support,” Tirumurti said.

“Justifying terrorism in any way, whether on the grounds of religion, ideology, ethnicity or race, will only provide the necessary fodder for terrorists.”

“The United Nations is not the forum where members states should take sides on religious phobias but should foster a culture based on universal principles of humanity and compassion.”

(With inputs from ANI)

(Edited by Abinaya Vijayaraghavan and Praveen Pramod Tewari)

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