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VIDEO: That’s Just Snot Clever: Man Drinks Water Through Nose And Weeps It From His Eye

Baffling online stunt shared on social media. 

In an astonishing display of science, a Chinese man drank through his nostril and cried the water out through his eye.

The stunt was filmed in the Chinese city of Shanghai on June 28 and the footage has been widely shared on the social network Douyin.

The first video shows the man, name not disclosed, holding his nose as water droplets pour out of his eye and stunned onlookers gasp in surprise.

In the second clip filmed moments before, the man apparently drinks the water through his nostril as onlookers film with their phones.

After drinking the water through his nose, the man was seemingly able to leak the liquid through his eyeball.

Though such a trick might seem rare, many have succeeded before.

During Brandon “Youngblood” Kee’s audition in season 10 of “America’s Got Talent” in 2015, he drank milk through his nose and squirted it out of his eyes into glass cups. Though he was voted off by the judges, he maintains his claim to fame in The Guinness Book of World Records.

In 2013, Kee shot milk from his eyes onto five targets on the set of “Guinness World Records Unleashed” in Los Angeles in 34.9 seconds — one-third of the previous record-holder’s time.

Another record holder is Turkish man Ilker Yilmaz who squirted milk out of his eye a distance of over nine feet in 2004. Though Saudi man Badr Al-Alyani reportedly trained to beat Yilmaz’s record in 2011, Yilmaz still holds the title.

In 2014 on the Science Channel series “Outrageous Acts of Science,” experts broke down the biology behind Yilmaz’s rare trick.

Biologist Chris Krishna-Pillay explained that when someone inhales a liquid through their nose, it enters the nasal cavity. When the nose is plugged, pressure builds up and since the liquid has nowhere else to go, it travels to the tear ducts and out of the eyeball.

More recently, footage of Chinese martial arts specialist Zhang Yilong went viral in 2019 when he shot water out of his eye and into nearby flower pots in a unique approach to watering the garden. He also drew Chinese characters on a piece of paper after inhaling milk up his nose.

Learn how to squirt milk from your eye in this clip from the Science Channel series “Outrageous Acts Of Science.”

At the time, Zhang advised those watching at home to not try the technique.

“It’s dangerous. I’ve been practicing for more than ten years. Please don’t imitate me, especially children,” he said.

Experts generally agree with Zhang. Another biologist on the Science Channel show, Carin Bondar, advised against attempting the trick.

“This could be dangerous and wreck the process of crying,” Bondar said. “You don’t want to mess around with your eyes.”

(Edited by Ali McCadden and Kristen Butler)

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