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Indian State To Bring Handicrafts From Unorganized To Organized Sector

The western state of Rajasthan is famous for its handicrafts.

JAIPUR, India — Rajasthan, a western Indian state, aims to turn the unorganized handicraft sector into organized and undertake initiatives such as providing e-marketing and skill training, as per Rajasthan Commissioner of Industries and Special Secretary Archana Singh.

“Initiatives have been taken by the Industries Department to bring handicrafts into the mainstream,” Singh said.

“Those people doing work in the unorganized sector will be brought to the organized sector so that their designs and craft can be sold throughout the country and abroad as well.”

Rajasthan is one of the richest states when it comes to beauty, art, and craft. The state is famous for its handicraft work like paintings, Blue Pottery (traditional craft of Jaipur), Stone Carvings, wood and sandalwood workcarpets, metalwork, leathercraft, lac work, etc.

The state’s handicraft, art, and craft are famous worldwide and act as a major tourist attraction.

Map of Rajasthan India

“There are about 70 different types of handicrafts that have originated from Rajasthan,” said Singh.

“They are doing so well, although, in the unorganized sector. All of them will be added to the organized sector. They will also get the right training so that similar handicrafts can go to the country and abroad.”

Though Rajasthan being famous for handicrafts, it is dying a slow death. As per a study, numerous arts and crafts are slowly dying and are getting extinct due to screen printing, lack of awareness, and a few other reasons. Hence, bringing them back to life is essential as they are unique from others.

Hand block Printing is one such art that is fading. It is an art that can be used for creating each piece of fabric, unique designs, and yet involving a sustainable process in production.

Hence, the administration is working on taking a step further and is planning to come up with a separate budget provision for handicraft works and prompting e-marketing to the locals associated with the work to expand the reach of Rajasthan’s handicraft work.

“A museum of handicrafts would also be built in the coming days,” she said. As per her, it is an initiative for those who would want to know what kind of handicraft work is being done inside Rajasthan.

“We have planned to do this with area specifications,” she said.

“Work will be done through the institutes, in-house work will be promoted, and e-marketing training will also be given so that the people doing handicraft work in the villages can also sell their goods through the internet.”

“They will be taught skills so that they can get better options,” she said.

(With inputs from ANI)

(Edited by Amrita Das and Pallavi Mehra. Map by Urvashi Makwana)

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