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VIDEO: Puppy Love: Grieving Dog Stands Guard Over Her Friend’s Body In The Middle Of A Highway

She refused to leave her dead pal as cars sped past them.

A dog was filmed standing over the dead body of another in the middle of a busy highway in Guarapari, Brazil, on June 4.

The female dog seems determined to protect the deceased dog, despite being in the middle of a busy lane amid oncoming vehicles.

Passing motorists are seen slowing down as they passed the dog and the lifeless body of another dog.

The video was filmed by traffic police while a team from EcoRodovias, the company that manages the freeway, removed the two dogs from the road.

Details of the accident that killed the large, black dog are unknown. The pair appears to be the same breed.

Authorities intervene with a female dog who had protected a dead dog on a highway. (Policia Rodoviaria Federal/Zenger News)

The female dog was released on a ranch in nearby Serra.

(Edited by Fern Siegel and Judith Isacoff)

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