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Weightless Workout: Army Astronaut Performs Combat Fitness Test In Space Station

Deadlifts and other exercises completed in zero gravity.

INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION — U.S. Army astronaut Col. Drew Morgan recently gave a demonstration on the innovative ways of staying fit while in space.

Morgan completed an Army Combat Fitness Test in zero gravity while aboard the International Space Station.

Astronaut Drew Morgan’s deadlift as part of the Army Combat Fitness Test on the International Space Station. (U.S. Army/Zenger News)

To pass the combat fitness test, candidates must achieve a three-repetition max of 140 pounds or more.

The video shows Morgan, who was selected by NASA in 2013, performing deadlifts with special equipment to replicate lifting barbells in zero gravity on the International Space Station.

He also did a 2-mile run in the allotted time by securing himself to a treadmill. Next, he performed hand-release push-ups by anchoring his feet and gripping a bar, while doing leg tucks by holding onto a bar and using zero gravity to position himself upside down.

Drew Morgan on the treadmill at the International Space Station. (U.S. Army/Zenger News)

Finally, he does a standing power throw, which appears easier in space than on solid ground, as he simply throws the ball behind his head and watches it float to the far end of the spacecraft.

Morgan served as a flight engineer on the space station for Expeditions 60, 61 and 62.

“The Army Mission — our purpose — remains constant: To deploy, fight and win our nation’s wars by providing ready, prompt and sustained land dominance by army forces across the full spectrum of conflict as part of the joint force,” the Army said in a statement accompanying the video of Morgan’s workout on social media.

(Edited by Matthew B. Hall and Judith Isacoff)

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