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A Stitch In Time Saves The Summer Swimwear Fashion

Some women approach their grandmothers to knit the new trend in swimsuits.

As summer approaches, the newest swimwear trends are visible.

This year, knitted suits are in, and Mexican weavers have a chance to make money and show off their talents.

“Knitting has seldom been valued among the newer generations,” said Socorro Velazco, 73, who lives in Veracruz and enjoys knitting. “Without realizing it, it came to be seen as something that only elderly adults do. However, the woven swimsuits show us knitting is more alive and present than ever.”

Decades ago, knitted clothes were regular fashion features. However, knitted items have regained some of their former popularity.


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Like all fashion trends, knitting is more than just creativity; it depends on quality supplies.

“There are several things to consider,” said the veteran knitter. “First, how much will the knitter dedicate to each particular piece. I have had a lot of success doing scarfs for the cold season, hand-knitted caps and children’s dresses. The secret is to use quality yarns; quality and cheap are not synonyms. Therefore, handcrafted items tend to be somewhat expensive.”

Despite the pandemic, swimsuits still capture attention at beaches and swimming pools. Several profiles on Instagram  share images of women posing in knitted swimsuits, creating competition for the best designs and poses.

“Though there is a wide variety of threads, the best quality is the 100 percent pure cotton yarn, which grants additional durability. There are also several types of needles and hooks, though the most common ones are 3 and 3 1/2; inches, alongside the 4 and 4 1/2 inches,” said Velazco.

“No matter the knitter expertise, everything depends on the client’s taste.

Young women approach their grandmothers to knit their newest swimsuit. (Duy Pham/Unsplash)

Swimsuit mixes and matches also play a fundamental role in the fashion world. Different colors, threads and designs all combine to establish the best possible fashion sense.

Some young women approach their grandmothers for help.

“I would love to have a new swimsuit, but I do not know how to knit. I saw different designs online and asked my grandma to knit me one. She accepted, with the condition that I have to buy the material. I will invite her to lunch as a way of thanking her, but I hope the swimsuit is ready for the upcoming beach season,” said Valeria Covarrubias.

Professionally knitted swimsuit prices can range from 700 to 900 pesos ($35 to $45) on the local market. However, online stores offer them up to more than 2,000 pesos ($100), showing there is an important market for this type of clothes.

(Translated and edited by Mario Vázquez; edited by Fern Siegel)

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