Hair Apparent: Hairless Men Tempted By Beard Implants

Specialized clinics treat those whose issue is genetic.

There has been a recent trend in social media and marketing campaigns to show men with great beards. Even supermarkets now carry specialized balms to help grow and maintain a man’s beard.

However, while some men show off their natural beards, others struggle to make one grow. In such cases, men can go to specialized beard implant clinics.

The implant clientele are comprised of men who are genetically hairless, something widespread in Mexico. Men of all ages receive thousands of social-media messages and ads from different clinics seeking new clients.

“I’ve always had a medium beard,” said university student Joel Vera López. “I don’t know if that is the exact terminology, but I define myself as such. For a long time, I used minoxidil, a medicine that I had to apply twice a day, but as I did not have great success, I started to go to these clinics.”

For hairless men, there are few options to grow a beard, as it as a matter of genetics. (Erik McLean/Unsplash)

Hair implants range in price from $1,007 to $2,517. The most common procedure is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction.) However, the price itself varies depending on the clinic. The most renowned clinics are the most expensive.

“Two clinics gave me a free assessment consultation,” said Vera López. “I gave them a chance, and they showed me several success stories. Though it is a costly procedure, they gave a monthly payment plan free of additional interests. Even so, for me, it was a large sum of money.”

Faced with this reality, some men look for other options.

“I have been looking up the prices,” said Javier Gómez, a computer technician. “I used to take biotin, a vitamin that supposedly helps with hair growth, but I did not have many results. I wanted to join one of these clinics, but I do not have money to invest in implants.”

The genetic reality is a matter of frustration for some.

Some men see bearded men on social media and want to copy their look. (Erk McLean/Usnplash)

“The cost of the implant is nearly five months of salary. I would have to avoid any other expense, which leaves me out of the game. Sometimes I would like to have a full beard, but destiny had other plans for me,” said Gómez.

For many men, the social pressure goes beyond the virtual world. Some look for beards to demonstrate their virility with the opposite sex.

“We desire to look more attractive, to be more successful with girls. I have seen profiles of bearded men on social media who receive flirtatious messages from the opposite sex,” said Gómez. “I would love to receive some of those, too,”

(Translated and edited by Mario Vázquez; edited by Fern Siegel)