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Muslim Doctor Injured As He Saves Jewish Man Stabbed, Beaten By Mob

The doctor was attacked as he aided a man who had been violently beaten in an Arab riot in Israel.

A Muslim doctor trying to save the life of a Jewish man who was violently beaten and stabbed, came under attack himself, in Tamra, a Muslim city in the Galilee.

The events on the night of May 13 were announced by emergency rescue organization United Hatzalah.

The Jewish man, a resident of Mitzpe Aviv, had entered the city to run some errands, as he did regularly, when a throng of residents rioting in the street attacked him and began to violently beat him and stabbed him in the neck.

A bystander called emergency services to get aid for the man, who was bleeding profusely from many injuries.

Dr. Muhammad Awad, who works at the Bnei Zion Medical Center in Haifa and is a volunteer for United Hatzalah, was leading the team of five EMTs and paramedics who arrived at the scene in an ambulance.

Ambulances from United Hatzalah. (Stock photo by Mattyp783/Creative Commons)

When he spotted the man, deep inside the mob, he and his team ran in without hesitation.

“We entered the protest with all of our strength and found the man suffering from a stab wound to his neck and contusions all over his body,” said Awad. “People were continuing to hit him. We yelled at everyone to stop immediately and we tried to extricate him from the angry mob. That is when we began to get hit ourselves.

“People kept trying to hit him even after we loaded him up and tried to get him in the ambulance. I covered him with my own body and this is how I saved his life.

“This all took place in the heart of the village during the protests. This is where cars were burnt and where it is dangerous for even the police to enter,” said Awad.

Despite this danger, Awad said the team ran in “even knowing that we would be injured and beaten ourselves.”

Rioting has taken place in Jewish-Arab cities throughout Israel over the last few nights. Many people, both Jewish and Arab, have been seriously injured and historical buildings have been torched and destroyed.

Heroic Muslim doctor injured as he saves Jew caught in lynching was first posted on Israel21C.

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