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VIDEO: Panda Cub Clambers All Over Her Mom During Playtime

The pandas are a big attraction at Adventure World in Japan.

Video shows a giant panda cub climbing over her mother’s body during playtime.

The cub, named Kaedehama (Fuihin ), was born in November in Adventure World, a theme park in the Japanese prefecture of Wakayama.

In the latest video the park has posted, Kaedehama enjoys quality time with her mother, Ryohama.

The baby panda has been associating mom time with playtime and loves to climb on her mom’s large body. Soon, the playing turns into play-wrestling as Ryohama tackles the cub and gently bites it.

After a while, the pair tire and lie next to each other for a quick nap.

Male pandas are not involved in the care of their cubs. Fathers and cubs may never encounter each other in the wild.

(Edited by Fern Siegel and Judith Isacoff)

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