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Bath Time! How Different Dog Breeds Face It

Long-haired dogs must bathe more often, but avoid letting water enter their ears.

There is much debate as to how often it is necessary to bathe a pet dog.

“I usually try to bathe my dog twice a month,” said Teresa de Jesús Arroyo Hernández, who lives in Boca del Río, Veracruz. “It is a French Poodle. I would bathe it every week, but I have been told that bathing it so often would be detrimental to its health. I try to take care of it, so my dog doesn’t get too dirty.”

Having a dog is having a new family member with whom to share a house, food, and sometimes, even a room to sleep. It is crucial to keep a pet’s hygiene as high as possible to prevent any health consequences, both for the pet and the owners.

In addition, the family must try to prevent the pet from smelling bad, which is uncomfortable for both the animal and its humans.

Owners should exercise caution while bathing their dogs, taking time to dry and brush them correctly. (Autri Taheri/Unsplash)

There are many dog health products on the market.

“I bathe my dog with a flea shampoo, dry and brush its hair,” said Arroyo Hernández. “This helps its fur to remain healthy, and it does not have any insect on its skin. I regularly have my dog inside my home, although I routinely take it out for a walk to get some exercise and interact with other dogs.”

One of the main concerns of owners is that they do not know how regularly to bathe their dogs, as they are afraid of damaging either the fur or the dog’s skin pH.

“The vet told me that the bi-monthly was correct, as its skin secretes natural oils that protect and make its fur shine,” she said.

When bathing, canines can get ear infections, which is the most crucial reason for not pouring water directly into their ears.

Each dog breed, fur, and size, has a specific bathing frequency. (Darren Richardson/Unsplash)

Another concern is whether the bathing frequency depends on their fur. Certain breeds have long and thick fur and need a more thorough bath.

“Usually, a dog’s bath depends on both their breed and their fur,” said Antonio Barcelata Casas, a veterinarian who graduated from the Universidad Veracruzana. “For example, the Bearded Collie breed are large dogs with long hair, should be bathed once a month with shampoo that removes the accumulated dirt and cleans their skin. Moreover, the breed must be hand-dried with a towel, as well as thoroughly brushed.”

Other dogs require less care.

“Whereas breeds such as Basset Hounds or Beagles should be bathed once every 4-6 weeks, dogs like the Chihuahua or Doberman should bathe every two months. They all share the same techniques such as the flea shampoo, though, and use tick collars so that their health is not compromised,” said Barcelata Casas.

Pets always require care and commitment from their owners, so they grow healthy and strong and spend as much time as possible in the family, with a good quality of life and, above all, happiness.

(Translated and edited by Mario Vázquez. Edited by Kristen Butler)

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