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VIDEO: Bamboo-zled: Baby Panda Stumped By Climbing Logs 

Cub practices climbing skills before stopping for a bamboo lunch with mom. 

A panda cub is perfecting her climbing skills in her playpen at a theme park in Japan.

“Fuhin” Kaedehama is a giant panda cub at Adventure World in Wakayama Prefecture.

In the newest video from the park, the young panda can be seen discovering a log play set in her pen.

The cub enthusiastically starts climbing on it, charging up and then trying to descend.

Fuhin may not have mastered all her climbing skills, but appears to have plenty of fun, even as she took a few tumbles.

Next to the adventurous cub, her mother, Ryohama, can be seen happily munching on some branches. Her baby takes a passing interest in her meal, then returns to her play set.

Even though she still finds herself upside down, play time is important for the cub.

In fact, Fuhin’s antics with her mother are a crowd favorite.

(Edited by Fern Siegel and Matthew B. Hall)

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