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Lienzo Develops Global Video Games With A Mexican Twist

Creators of “Mulaka” showcased the Tarahumaran culture to global gamers.

Within the gamer world, a Mexican video game developer wants to compete against the Japanese, European and American game companies.

Lienzo is a video-game development studio located in Chihuahua, Mexico. We create experiences with the quality of international developers,” said Guillermo Vizcaino Chávez, head of public relations and marketing, as well as a writer and narrative designer for Lienzo. “We know video games are the supreme storytelling medium, and we seek to leave a mark on players’ lives.”

Lienzo is a Mexican company founded in 2012 that has gradually established itself in the world of video games. It seeks to showcase Mexico through games and stories that highlight its various cultures.

“With the last two games we made, “Mulaka” and “Aztech Forgotten Gods” we have maintained the idea of taking Mexican stories and putting them in the spotlight, especially the mythological side of our cultures,” said Vizcaino Chávez. “We have had the immense fortune of having an audience hungry for this type of story.”

The video-game company Lienzo Mexico develops games with Mexican stories for various video game platforms. (Courtesy of Lienzo)

One of the cultures they base their stories on is the native Tarahumara, showcased in the game “Mulaka.” This game takes place in Chihuahua, where the Tarahuamaras settled. They tell the story of a sukuruame, (a Tarahumara shaman) who fights against evil while also using the power of their demigods. In the game, you have to solve puzzles and fight hand-to-hand with creatures taken straight out of Tarahumaran mythology.”

“Mulaka” has had a great reception from European consumers. They have a gigantic hunger for Latin American stories, such as Mexican stories, so we try to satiate that hunger. The game sold very well in all of Europe in all video game consoles, such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC,” said Vizcaino Chávez.

“Mulaka” is a video game inspired by the Tarahumaran culture, featuring a sukuruame as its main character. (Courtesy of Lienzo)

The impact of “Mulaka” worldwide broke the expectations the production company projected. Thus, it received important recognitions from the international gamer industry.

“We did not expect the enormous success of “Mulak” at a worldwide level, nor did we imagine how many people would get interested in a culture as rich as the Tarahumara,” said Vizcaino Chavez.

After the sales boom that “Mulak” had in Europe, it became a sensation in countries like the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. With the recent launch of “Aztech Forgotten Gods” they seek to repeat the same winning formula worldwide.

Lienzo will continue to utilize various stories that forged the country’s historical, cultural diversity. It seeks to create games based on pre-Colombian traditions, Mexico’s Independence and the Mexican Revolution.

The game “Mulaka” has enjoyed great acceptance in Europe and other parts of the world. (Courtesy of Lienzo)

“Cultural content has to be approached in a way that, first and foremost, remains respectful and entertaining to captivate the player. It has to be an exciting experience first and a didactic experience second. A player learns by having fun and engaging in the world they are playing, not because its objective is to educate. The main thing is to show Mexico and the world how interesting the native cultures are, in the case of “Mulaka,” the Tarahumaran history.”

Lienzo is currently promoting “Aztech Forgotten Gods” featured worldwide at the Nintendo Indie World Debut in April 2021. The developers expect a great reception both in Mexico and abroad.

(Translated and edited by Mario Vázquez; edited by Fern Siegel)

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