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VIDEO: Plucky Guy: Sick Sailor Winched To Safety By Rescue Helicopter

Heroic rescue conducted on the high seas. 

Video shows the rescue of an ill crew member hauled to safety by a helicopter in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean about 240 miles off the Galician coast of western Spain on April 23.

The Netherlands crew member on board the Lange Wapper was found and rescued by two helicopters, a Sasemar 101 and a Helimer 402, dispatched by Salvamento Marítimo. It is the organization for maritime safety in the Spanish Ministry of Development.

A member of the rescue team descended from the helicopter onto the ship using a rope as a slackline. The crew member was hoisted up from the ship onto the helicopter, then the rescuer was lifted in the same manner.

The ill crew member was transported to a hospital.

(Edited by Judith Isacoff and Fern Siegel)

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