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Baby Panda Kaedehama Takes A Fall For Fun

Thanks to preservation efforts, pandas are gradually increasing their population.

(Video from Adventure World/Real Press)

A baby panda confidently masters the art of falling. Giant panda baby “Fuhin” Kaedehama from Adventure World, a theme park in Wakayama Prefecture, in Japan, has demonstrated she is ready for a new challenge in her pen.

In the video posted by the theme park, the fluffy cub is seen running and jumping around.

She seems confident on her feet, but there is one challenge she has not mastered yet — how to avoid falling.

Panda cub playing with its mother at Adventure World, in Shirahama, Japan. (ADVENTURE WORLD/Real Press)

No matter what she does, whether acrobatically jumping, running or climbing, the panda soon tumbles down.

Sometimes, she is quick on her feet after the tumble, other times, she prefers to lay down.

But the fluffy cub is eager to play.  She sees her pen as an obstacle course and continues to enthusiastically perfect her movement.

Panda cub playing in the enclosure at Adventure World, in Shirahama, Japan. (ADVENTURE WORLD/Real Press)

Pandas are noted for their black-and-white coats and are regarded as a national treasure in China. Females can grow to weight 200 pounds, while males can weight up to 300 pounds as adults.

Protecting them is important. The International Union for Conservation of Nature reported pandas had been upgraded from “endangered” to “vulnerable.”

(Edited by Fern Siegel and Judith Isacoff)

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