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VIDEO: Violent Suspect Attacks 2 Columbus Police Officers

Despite their injuries, the officers made an arrest.

(Source for video: @ColumbusPolice/Real Press)

Columbus, Ohio, police officers are recovering after an unexpected attack by a suspect.

The incident occurred when two officers responded to a call about a man threatening people with a knife in front of a missionary organization on April 16.

Video of the incident was recorded by an officer’s body-worn camera. Responding to the call, the officers were able to quickly locate the suspect.

Officer Andrew Mott first approached the man, who seemed to initially follow commands.

But as the officer got closer to conduct a body search, the suspect began punching the officer in the face. Officer Samuel Clanin tried to help his partner, but the suspect slammed him against the police vehicle.

Local media reports the attack broke Officer Mott’s jaw in two places, requiring surgery. Officer Clanin sustained a concussion.

Despite their injuries, the two officers arrested the violent suspect, identified as Noah Andrews, now charged with assault on police officers.


(Edited by Kristen Butler and Fern Siegel,

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