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VIDEO: Pand-aahhh: Cub’s Cuddle Time With Her Caring Mom

Keepers share a bonding moment between a devoted mother and her daughter. 

A fluffy panda cub can be seen spending quality time cuddling with her even fluffier mum in video taken at Adventure World, a theme park in Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture.

The baby panda named Fuhin, born last November, is seen exploring her cage and spending quality time with her mom.

At first, Fuhin doesn’t seem to be up for this adventure, as she’d rather jump around in her pen and try to escape her mother’s embraces. Fuhin manages to get halfway out the cage door, but her mom pulls her back inside. The cub protests, while mom affectionately licks her fur.

Fed up with the cub wiggling, the mom swiftly grabs Fuhin by the neck and places the cub on her belly, holding it tight. Fuhin is fine with that, using the opportunity to refresh herself with mom’s milk. Soon after, the pair enjoy quality time playing together.

Panda cub playing with its mom at Adventure World, in the town of Shirahama, in Japan. (ADVENTURE WORLD/Real Press)

The cub enjoys a carrot while laying in a glass container over the weighing scale.

The park said Fuhnin continues to grow at a steady pace. The cub, who weighed just 157 grams (5.5 ounces) at birth, is now roughly 8 kilos (18 pounds).

(Edited by Matthew B. Hall and Fern Siegel)

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